Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Color-Changing Tees...and Facing Up to My Limitations

Have you seen these cool t-shirts on Fab.com? 

They change color when you hold your hands against them! 
(I'm assuming they also gradually change back to the original shade after a while. Must be that the heat affects the fibers? Kind of like those cups that change color and pattern with hot liquids.)
$27 on sale, but only for a short time -- you've got 6 days to buy at this price. Then it's back to $36. Find out more here.
Wish they made fabric yardage like this. (A few more cute guys wouldn't hurt, either.)

     Taxes are done, thank God. Paperwork is nearly finished, as well. (Another fervent thanks to the Boss.) I should have the rest of the week to work on overdue projects. After a sleepless night going through all the things I needed to get done -- and all the ways I'd failed -- I decided, come morning, that I would do my best to catch up those things without taking on more.
     If you work on your own, you understand my dilemma. The opportunity you're offered today may not come back in a week. Or a month. Some jobs appear and disappear just as quickly, if you don't grab them. Some, I take because I truly enjoy. (Like teaching, or quilting a patchwork top.) Some, I do because they'll be of help in the future. (Like taping the Quilter's Newsletter Workshop -- which is scheduled for August now!) And some I just...do.
     The Brick, bless him, has had enough job promotions that I don't have to take work anymore, to keep the bills paid. But I still enjoy being independent.
     Knowing what you can do -- and doing it -- is a wonderful feeling.
     I just need to admit that I can't do it all.

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