Wednesday, April 10, 2013

**** Happens

Sometimes things happen. 

You always hope that they're unexpected good things, like the eight brilliant scientific discoveries that were actually screwups. Yes, the inventions of the telephone, nylon and mauve dye (and five others) all came about because someone goofed.

In this case, it wasn't so good. 

Somehow a basement door got left open. I don't know if I did it accidentally, or if I just didn't shut the door hard enough.

Anyhow, it stayed open a good share of today (and the last day). While it was snowing. and icy. And blowing. (The blizzard wind could have done it, I guess.) It was so cold last that we brought the baby chicks in from the garage and kept them in the house all last night.

Just before the Brick got home at suppertime, our alarm downstairs was going off -- a hot water heating pipe downstairs froze, thawed and split. Water started gushing out of the seam and across the room. (I have this huge panicky feeling now about flooding, after our disaster a few springs ago.)Thankfully, we got the water stopped and mopped up just before it reached a pile of quilts nearby; a rug got wet, plus a few papers, but that was largely it.

The Brick put a pipe fitting on the split, and screwed it down...gradually the drips diminished and stopped. Results: a dry pipe, dry floors and welcome warmth, upstairs and down. Thank God - and I mean that literally.


The baby chickies are fine, loafing under the heat lamp. The Brick says they should have umbrellas and little lawn chairs. (Plus mai tais, I think.) Abby the dog is fascinated; Charley's response is "Chicks? What chicks?" Meanwhile, life (and towels in the washing machine) continues on.

Maybe more snow is predicted next week, Mr. Snowman -- but your time is coming


LouAnne said...

Sadly, your pic won't open today. Was hoping it was one of the lounging chicks!

Cindy Brick said... wasn't. (but I'll post one soon.)

Thanks for asking!

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