Monday, April 8, 2013

Monday Stuff On the Way to Other Stuff: Go Blue!

    Michigan in the NCAA college basketball Championship game?!? Even they seemed a little surprised. And they're not the only ones...the Denver Post devoted two or three pages to Louisville, and a quick comment on Michigan to 'check the website.' Weird. 
    All I can say of our beloved alma mater... GO BLUE!!! You can do it!
    While we wait with bated breath for the results, here's what's going on elsewhere on the Internet:

Six financial lessons you can learn from basketball players -- a post from yours truly on the other site I write for: Midlife Finance.

101 snacks for guys on the go. (Not to mention women, too.) From Stacey Makes Cents.

Did you know that the Entertainment Book people have filed for bankruptcy? If you've got one, better check that those coupons are still guarantees. (Thanks for mentioning it, Money Beagle.)

Skip it...and save. Another musing from yours truly, via Penny Thots.

Cleverly Inspired's in love with doors. And ocean views. And tiled floors. Some good inspiration here. (Wonder if I could use leftover skis to make a door like this?)

You shouldn't worry about working -- when President Obama will take care of you. An interesting riff on taking advantage of social programs, by the 'poorest richest friend I know,' says Financial Samurai. Whether or not you agree (and I do with some, and don't with other parts), you still need to read this. (Don't skip the link to the original story, either.)

Speaking of riffs, one of the most amazing guitar runs I've ever heard -- Juke Box Hero by Foreigner.

A big snowstorm's moving in...but the baby chicks are tucked cozily into their bin in the garage, with a heat lamp overhead. (Thank you, Brick -- what a guy.) The big chickies have their heat lamp on, as well. I love a good snooze while the snow is gently falling. 

Now back to the game!!   Go Michigan!!!

Update: Game's over -- 82-76...Louisville. Sigh...No matter. I'm still proud of our team. But at least school's been cancelled already. When your husband works for the school district, that means a day off tomorrow!

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