Monday, April 15, 2013

Monday Stuff On the Way to Other Stuff: Spring Storm

Snow is just beginning to spit; more is coming, from what the clouds are saying. (Daughter #2 said it's already falling heavily around her mountain cabin.) Lucky our taxes are done, though we had to stay up until 1 a.m. to do it. Why does this have to be so complicated?!?
     At least we have a stop at our favorite German (Deutscher) restaurant to look forward to tonight. Unless it's snowing too hard, that is. Meanwhile:

How the Nester and her family got rid of $100,000-plus debt. Five years - $150,000 debt - gone! Plus 6 odd tips that may come in handy. 

Four tips for handling setbacks. Because we all have them, from flat tires to hailstorms. Daily Money Shot's take on all this.

A look at all sorts of bankruptcy facts and figures, complete with cool graphics. (From Budget on the Beach.) I am still not convinced that most people who file  bankruptcy actually need to do so...but interesting, all the same.

The longest marriage in the U.S. has ended. Victoria Wrubel died at 102, after being married to husband Steven since she was 18, and he was 20.
     Eighty-three-plus years. Wow.

The gift of having to work for everything you get -- particularly as a kid. Mr. Money Mustache has a huge point here, one I was trying to emphasize in my post about teenagers and jobs. Try to tell this to a parent who's "helping out" their kids, and it's like speaking in Swahili. But over time, in spite of a few slipups now and then (like paying for a year of college that basically went to waste), the Brick and I are starting to learn our lesson.

A 22-foot wasps' nest found in a room...a joke, right? I wish -- Spanish police discovered it in a house on the island of Tenerife, after neighbors kept complaining.

Remember the Renoir painting found at a flea market a while back? They're still arguing about ownership, which says someone with deep pockets is unhappy. (Go here for the update. I want to yell, "It's not one of his best...forget the lawyers. GET ON WITH IT!")

How to track down unusual items you bumble across -- in photos, Pinterest, wherever. From Apartment Therapy.

The worst 'bad jobs' that are actually good for you. I've had a few of these, including making cotton candy at Wal-Mart's Radio Grill, and scrubbing toilets for a church. Like Financial Samurai, I learned a great deal from both.  Even if sometimes that crappy job meant...

How to deal with a crappy boss. (Yes, this is me, posting for my 'other boss'...who's actually quite nice. From Ready to Quit My

Another 'millionaire next door.' And they did it the boring way. (Thanks Five Cent Nickel.)

A tiny place - 420 sq ft of space. Well thought-out, too. Don't miss out on the slide-by-slide tour, then take a look at the owner's site,

Buying furniture on impulse...then trying to make it fit. In this case, a mantel, from Apartment Therapy. (Not that I've ever done, face)

Are paid diet plans worth it? Yours truly's take on Slimfast, Jenny Craig, Medifast, Nutri-System and Weight Watchers, via Midlife Finance. (What can I say...I've been busy over there.)

Remember the urban legend about giant rats being sold as chihauhaus in Mexico? Well Argentina did a one-up on them: Ferrets, trimmed and marketed as toy poodles. Ew. In keeping with that strange mental picture:

The strangest animal stories of 2012. 

Margaret Thatcher died. The Iron Lady was felled by a stroke. I really admired this strong and opinionated leader, even when I disagreed with her. A huge shame that her mind's death preceded that of her body.

And even though our beloved Michigan lost to those brutes in Louisville, one final last look at a hard-fought NCAA championship game. (And some interesting comments about Trey Burke and our buddy Spike.) Plus some financial comments about professional basketball players - period. From yours truly, via Midlife Finance.

Have a great week, and stop in now and then -- I've got some interesting future tidbits to share with you, once I can stop buzzing around. The adrenaline from finishing taxes is GREAT!

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