Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Other People are Doing It, Doing It...

Living Below the Line, that is.

Here's a list of the bloggers I've found, so far:

Our New Life in the Country. (5 pounds, instead of $7.50? That's more than we Yanks have to work with.)

Tight-Fisted Miser. (Andy's going the pork 'n beans-with-hot-dogs route. Wish we could get cans of p&b for 29 cents.)

Seeking the Balance. ('Porridge' - that's oatmeal, right?)

A Girl Called Jack. 

The Reluctant Critic.

 The Food Project. 

Some editors at Huffington Post.

(Or at least commenting on it -- naysayers like Frantic Planet included.) 

You're probably noticing the same pattern I did -- nearly all of the bloggers I could find doing the challenge were Brits! Maybe it's more popular in England -- or my Swagbucks search button is biased toward the British Isles. (Darn those Yankee upstarts, anyway.)
     I did notice several Americans - mostly celebrities - posting related videos on Youtube. Maybe we Americans speak, more than we write?

Meanwhile, the challenge goes on. Day Two was tough - I am realizing how much I enjoy (and miss) lots of protein. But the fried rice came out nicely, with the addition of some spicy "nuoc mam pha san" spring roll sauce. Skipped some of the allotted onion, so I could add a little cabbage, instead. Good decision - a little more filling. 
     We also found some free baguettes at the local thrift shop - one of those, lightly sprinkled with the cheese I would have had on a tortilla, was tasty. 

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