Friday, May 31, 2013

Gunning for Something...

...I'm not sure what. But here I am in Las Vegas, after Day 1 of a four-day class on handling firearms. Handguns, specifically, at the Front Sight gun range about 30 miles away from Vegas. (This was the Brick's Christmas gift to yours truly; he was wanting to take a class here, too.)
    It's definitely been a different world from my usual one -- literally hundreds of people strolling around casually, handguns holstered on one hip, and magazines (bullet-holders, not publications) on the other. We've had a couple of lectures, and most of the day spent on the range, learning how to hold the gun safely while pulling it from the holster; how to load and reload quickly; and firing at targets from 3, 5 and 7 meters away, first 'dry' (no bullets), then magazine loaded.
    The instructors have gone far out of their way to emphasize safety and careful use -- something that's very encouraging, especially when they're dealing with a huge bunch of people. (Forty in our range alone, done in two 'relays' of shooters/coaches.)
     I'm stronger than I thought, loading and 'racking,' but the sun's been no joke. It was 96 degrees when we left the gun range at 6 p.m., and I'm certain it went 10 or so degrees above that during the day. We were also guzzling water like crazy, and spending as much time in the shade as we could.
     Tomorrow is dealing with 'malfunctions,' 'head shots,' and more shooting. Some lectures, too.
      I just wish we could get away from that sun.

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