Thursday, May 16, 2013

Living Carefully

After a long period of working, some of it done while I struggled for weeks with flu, I feel like the sun's beginning to come out. 

It's not just spring, and the opportunity to get outside in the garden. (Though that's wonderful, too.) I'm beginning to see the results of trudging -- continuing to chip away at a large project. At first, it looks as if you're not getting anything accomplished. Why not just watch a movie, instead? But gradually, slowly and almost painfully, the job gets done.

I've still got plenty more to do, but more hope while doing it.

Here's my struggle now -- with more energy and optimism comes the urge to go hog-wild.

Our savings are pretty healthy right now -- why not go get that large flat-screen TV the Brick has looked wistfully at for ages? (Our friends enjoy teasing us about the small one we've used for decades.)
     We're headed to Ireland in August. Why not stay at 5-star hotels and it up right, and not worry about the cost for now?
     Why not? Because we don't roll that way. 

I look at the roofers, who are finally starting to repair the damage left by last year's hailstorm. Some of that healthy bank account balance is going to have to pay them. (We may be one of the last on the block to get our roof done -- but it will be done right, at a reasonable price.)
     *We still have half our property tax to pay for this year, and an emergency fund that won't have much in it after these costs are covered.
     *Still limping by with one car, with careful scheduling that gets the Brick to work, and me to gigs.
     *The freezer is slowly emptying, especially of meat. So are the shelves, of canned goods. (Granted, I stock a lot more in this department than some. Hedging my bets.)

    And every time we just spend money, without doing research or looking for good buys, we've regretted it.

     Thinking and planning for something is half the fun, especially for our upcoming trip to Ireland. I've really enjoyed learning more about the Pirate Queen (more on her in a future post), and planning for Dingle.
     Scotland is on our radar, as well. The Brick is also looking forward to visiting a castle or two held by his Campbell forebears. Not to mention a Cumings stronghold, for my side of the family. Those aren't quite as wealthy -- the Campbells knew enough to suck up to the English king, and prospered. The Cumingses, on the other hand, were fierce, brave - and invariably picked the wrong side to support. My best-known ancestor, Red Comyn, was actually killed by Robert the Bruce. (The stinker.)

If I can hold off on buying extra food, or clothes, or goodies, that means that we've got enough to pay bills and have extra for Ireland. (I've got my eye on getting an Aran sweater, while we're there. Maybe some tartan fabric, too.)
    Gotta hang in there, and continue to live carefully. So should you. Enjoy the sunshine, keep your pennies counted and save for the good stuff, instead!


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