Thursday, May 23, 2013

Memorial Day Weekend Projects

Apartment Therapy just posted 10 'weekend DIYs' that use wood molding. These range from kitchen cabinets to a fascinating mantel makeover (Domaine):

 I enlarged this, so you can see the detail on the mantle. Beautiful.

The bifold closet doors from DIY Design are just spiffy:

These book ledges (from And Then There Was Home) are just what I'm thinking of for the large basement room downstairs:

Instructions are included for each of these projects.

...not that you have anything else to do, right?

* * * * *
 Maybe it's all the racket that prompting this interest for me. We have a full complement banging away at the roof right now. Troy from Pay It Forward Services is our contractor, and has been organizing everything. (He's great, by the way. If you need an honest contractor who will go out of the way to give you the best price, using good materials, he's your man. He takes time to explain things out, too -- not that important for the Brick who, being an engineer, understands most of the layout. But for an English major like me, it's critical.)

 Three guys replacing shingles. Two working on putting in skylights. (Ours were trashed at the same time the June hailstorm took out the roof.) One supervising.
      So far, we've dealt with electrical lines in the wrong place (just repositioned the skylights);  a dumpster too far over for the roofers to throw shingles in it (the company moved it); and the need to re-deck the entire roof before shingling. (Last year, Castle Rock just passed a new code that said roofing boards couldn't be any further apart than 1/8". Needless to say, ours are. An extra $2500 on the final roof price, at the very least. No choice on this, Troy says.)
     Footsteps. Huge somethings sliding off the backside of the roof. (Shingles, I presume. No screaming yet.) Hammering and saws. (Ditto.) The dogs have stopped looking alarmed at every bang or crash, though they jump a bit at the big ones. 
     The chickens are hiding in the furthest corner of the yard. (They come out at lunchtime and check out the guys' equipment. If you need a spy, hire a chicken.) The dogs, especially Abby, are staying close to my feet, occasionally going to peer out the back deck door.
     And I am teaching myself not to wince every time Troy strolls in and announces, "We've got a problem..."

The roof and skylights should be done by Tuesday. (They'll take off for the weekend.) After that: the windows. Oh boy.  

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