Monday, May 13, 2013

Monday Stuff On the Way to Other Stuff: Plantin' and Readin'

Lovely, warm sun -- and the ground's had a good dampening. Our neighbor built the wood frame for two raised beds, which will help protect the vegetables as they come up. (Hopefully we'll have the chicken yard fenced in a few weeks, but this will give us some breathing room. Those darn chickens scratch up everything they can get their claws on.) 
     I opened up the little coop for the babies to run around -- they tore out, panicked and promptly rushed back into the coop! Now they'll come out, but won't stray too far. Silly chickies. 
     Things are looking tidier. I still have things to do, but don't have that sense of pressure I've been dealing with for weeks. Thankfully. Meanwhile, on the Internet:

Food on credit - my story. From Our New Life in the Country.

Taking photos featuring sparklers. Not only good news for photos on the Fourth -- but some good design ideas here. (From Cleverly Inspired.)

An easy bacon-mushroom quiche, also from Cleverly Inspired.

And in keeping with that recipe, an 105-year-old woman who attributes her longevity to bacon! (Hey, I'm all for it.)

Overwhelmed and eliminating it. A great series on figuring out what you really want, step by step. Take some time to read all of the posts. (From Daily Money Shot.)

The girls that were rescued after their years of imprisonment? A 'famous' psychic made a very public prediction about one of the girls...that turned out to be quite wrong. Turns out she's been doing this for decades, and hurting a lot of people in the process. Hmmm.

"I love bacon, I eat it everyday. 
I don't feel as old as I am, that's all I can say."
              Pearl Cantrell, celebrating her 105th birthday

I'm so glad spring finally seems to be here...out to dig in that wonderful dirt.

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