Sunday, June 9, 2013

Monday Stuff On the Way to Other Stuff: Better Times Ahead

After last week's huge up and downs, I'm looking forward to some quiet. The Brick is headed out of town for most of the week, going to a big Transportation seminar for the school system. Two hours drive away...and hopefully his kidney stones will behave
    One strange side effect has come out of our time at the handguns class in Las Vegas: neither of us does well with heat right now. It's not that bad out -- only in the high 80s -- but even with cool drinks and fans going, it feels so much more draining. Did all that flirting with heat exhaustion in the past few weeks have a lasting effect?
      The Brick is supposed to help out at a bus-drivers' rodeo while he's out of town. I made him promise that he would NOT stand out in the sun, no matter what. He just can't handle it at present, so soon out of the hospital. (Fortunately, he realizes that.)
      I have a ton of work to do, but more time to do it when the Brick's gone. No well-balanced suppers and ironed shirts; I just eat whatever I feel like, stay up until all hours of the night, and can work on projects for long periods without interruptions. I miss him like crazy while he's gone...but hey, I also get work done. 
     Feeling very tired, but hopeful. Meanwhile:

What's going to happen if the U.S. collapses financially.  Or should I say when?!? (Len Penzo's take on the subject, plus a link on how to deal with it. I'm not as pessimistic -- but not hugely optimistic, either.)

Homemade freezer smoothies. (From Keeper of the Home) Sounds so good right now...

Cherry Lime Syrup, from Frugal Upstate. If you're a sucker for Sonic's cherry limeade, this might be just the ticket.

Moneymaking opportunities are still everywhere -- you just have to know what to look for. Financial Samurai's take on the subject.  (He would certainly agree with Warren Buffett to be greedy when others are scared, and vice versa.)

Signs that someone's drowning -- and it's not what you think.  When Daughter #2 was quite little, our family went to a local hot springs. (Colorado is full of them, in case you didn't know.) I saw her in the shallow end, turned around to say something to my mom...and turned back again to see two desperate little eyes, and bubbles. It all happened so quickly. We rescued her, but barely.

Ten unconventional ways to hang art, courtesy of Apartment Therapy. I was particularly enamored with Jill's "Peacock Fabdonkulous" room. She's fond of Gainsborough's The Blue Boy -- can you tell?

Yep, this is him, courtesy of Wikipedia

(This is a fascinating way to pay homage to a famous painting. I could see Van Gogh's Iris or Sunflowers treated in similar fashion.)

Making a beautiful herbal wreath, with Keeper of the Home's help.

    Better Homes and Gardens has this version, as well:

I wish I were doing this...

...but at least things are doing a little better. Hope they're going well for you.

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