Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Monday -- Tuesday! -- Stuff on the Way to Other Stuff: Las Vegas Shooting

The four-day shooting class is done! We finished, but not without some effort neither of us planned on -- the Brick woke me up night before last, and we went to the emergency room in Las Vegas. He thought he was passing a kidney stone, and he was right. We spent most of the night there, getting pain meds pumped into him. Then we slept a few hours until the narcotics wore off...and went back to class. 
    The Brick couldn't shoot in the skills test because the stone didn't pass in time; he needed more Percoset to get through without moaning. (Narcotics and guns do not mix.) I shot the worst I'd done all four days, including three malfunctions. So I didn't pass the skills test. (Needless to say, the others hadn't spent the night in the emergency room before they competed.) But the class certificate was good enough!
     We found out later that our teacher didn't even know why we didn't show up yesterday morning; the head office didn't pass on our message (left at 6 a.m.) until just before we reappeared. And he never bothered to tell the class, who probably thought we were slacking. One of the guys in class was a bragging jerk who made some snide comments when we first got there. I made sure to explain what had happened to another guy, very loudly, so Mr. Loudmouth could 'overhear.' (He was kinder after that.) Frustrating.
     The Brick has gone back to Front Sight today, to take a one-day concealed weapons class. He's still hurting -- the kidney stone still has not passed. But he's feeling better. I stayed home to get some writing done. (Okay, and use the pool; it's been really hot here. As in the low 100s every single day.) We haven't hit any of the sights -- just gone to class, staggered home, swum, had supper and gone to bed.  I haven't had much time to troll the Internet, either, but I promise to be back to my verbal self next week. Meanwhile, here's what I found:

How much does talent or effort figure into achieving your goals? Sometimes this struggle means adapting your goals to fit your skills -- or willingness to work at what you want. (Thanks, Financial Samurai.)

 Setting up a backyard movie theater. All sorts of ideas and links via Apartment Therapy.  (I've always wanted to do this...)

Ten easy ways to goof up at life, without even trying! (Daily Money Shot) Okay, you do have to make some effort to do this badly...

 Penny Hoarder has made a terrible mistake -- find out what it was. (I am really loving this regular blog for its practical, yet often innovative advice.)

And yes, I'm still here:

Have a good week. Full report's coming on the shooting class soon.

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