Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Monday (er, Tuesday) Stuff On the Way to Other Stuff: Back in the Saddle Again

Still plugging away at the deadlines. They're starting to go down now, dragging and kicking and screaming as they get crossed off the list. I will make it. I will survive!

Len Penzo's Aunt Doris speaks her mind again -- this one on odd stories. She's got quite a ledger going, from everything to how she survived as a young widow ('Making Ends Meet'). It's like listening to your favorite auntie or grandma while you're having milk and cookies at the kitchen table.

Milk-braised pork loin, from Simple Seattle Living. This made me think of a recipe from one of my favorite Grace Livingston Hill romance novels. (A secret vice. So sue me.)

 In Not Under the Law,  Gracie's heroine has to come up with supper fast:

     "Did you ever bake it [ham] in milk?" asked Joyce..."It's delectable."
     "Cut the ham in big thick slices, as much as you want...Can I use these two iron frying pans? I think it bakes best in iron. Now light the oven please, turn it on full power. I take a handful of mustard and rub it into the meat, all over thickly, and put it into the pan. Then fill it up with milk till it almost covers the meat. Put it into the oven and bake it just an hour, a good hot oven, and it will be the sweetest, tenderest thing you ever put into your mouth." 

    And it is. Thanks, Gracie!

Why having multiple yard sales may be good (because you get regulars who will stop by) and bad (because the good stuff goes, and the junk hangs in there). From the Simple Dollar.

Here's the update on Black Forest and the other Colorado wildfires.   They're almost out...Thank God. (And I mean that literally.)

Pesto's bright green freshness is a wonderful way to bring summer into your menu. Try one of these versions: 101 Cookbooks' Five Herb Pesto, or Our New Life in the Country's Poor Man's Pesto. Yum.

What Paul Revere would do, if cellphones ruled during the American Revolution. I have a strange connection to this one -- Daughter #1 has been dating the friend (actually, the director) of the mandolin player in this commercial. Weird, huh?

Finally, the Sad Cat Diary: 

And the Sad Dog Diary.
(This one's a bit snarky about dogs' favorite habits -- backside-sniffing, etc. Don't watch if you're easily offended. Unfortunately, dogs can easily offend.) After you're done laughing, go out and pat your own Sad Cat or Sad Dog! (Thanks for mentioning these, Daughter #1.)

And have a great week. 

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