Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Ageless Wisdom from the Mama

As I've mentioned before, The Mama will be staying with us all this month, plus a part of September, to help out. (She's also minding shop while we go to Ireland. Considering her record at spoiling pets rotten, Charley and Abby can hardly wait. The chickens are less interested.)

     She definitely runs on a different schedule than the Brick and I normally do. Up much earlier. (She lives in Michigan, after all -- 2 hours later.) Meals much earlier, as well, and your standard meat/potatoes variety. She serves fruit in fancy salads -- I tend to plop it on the table, in a bowl. And although she'll eat food made with more out-of-the-box ingredients (nasi goreng, and Indonesian food, for example), she doesn't cook that way herself.
     The other issue is stamina. She is having increasingly more trouble walking. Dealing with our thinner air (6,250 altitude) is no joke, either.
     Fortunately, she's wise enough to plan for her limitations. If we go to the park or museum, she walks for a while, then sits down on a bench and waits. Or she'll stop periodically for a rest. I need to be careful not to push her too much, so she enjoys this visit, instead of thinking back on it with dread.

     The Mama has watched me doing weekly stint of articles: Midlife Finance and Penny Thots, primarily, as well as here. "Why don't you try some writing, too?" I asked. After all, she writes great letters. So, while the dogs napped and she had her morning coffee, she wrote this:

     "In the Spring, when starting our garden, we thought of planting one zucchini plant. That would take care of us -- and maybe some for the neighbors. Wow! What a surprise! We had zukes coming out of our ears. Enough for us and all our neighbors, plus the whole street and just maybe the whole town -- at least that's what we felt like. 
     "So if you're thinking of putting in several plants -- think again. Just how many zukes are you willing to throw to the birds -- or if you're lucky -- to the chickens.
     "Everyone will like you. After the zucchini stops, that is."

Thanks, Ma. Looking at the massive zucchini plants out in the garden, who have just started bearing dozens of cute little vegetables...
     You're probably right.

Don't let those sweet, innocent flower faces fool you -- this plant's a killer.

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