Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Blue Moon Tonight - Aug. 20

Yes, a lovely full-figured blue moon -- also known as a Full Red, Sturgeon Moon, Green Corn and Grain Moon. (The Sturgeon name? That fish is thought to be easier to catch this time of year. Indian tribes named the moons according to the growing and gathering seasons.)

Voila - a Full Red moon

It's one more full moon than we normally get in the season. (Thus the name.) And if you've been outside these summer nights, it's generally huge.

September 2009's blue moon -- from Wikipedia. (See the entry here.)

Full moons happen approx. every 29.5 days...but a blue moon is much less common. After tonight, we won't see another one until 2015.

Huffington Post tells you all about it here.

And of course, there's...

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