Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Monday Stuff On the Way to Other Stuff: Yes, I'm Here. And it's Tuesday.

Oh boy. Do I have a life right now? Between family celebrations (we have 3 family and several friend/relative birthdays in the month), finishing up business stuff and trying to get ready for Ireland, I feel like a chicken. A chicken going fifty ways at once. 
   To make things even more interesting, I appraise for the Cheyenne Heritage Quilt Guild's annual show from Thursday - Saturday at the United Methodist Church in Cheyenne, WY. Their quilt show is outstanding....come and visit!

Deal Chicken. A new Groupon-style site that lets you get good stuff for much less! (Click on this link, and you're helping me a little, too.)

Ten of the stupidest things confiscated by the TSA. My favorite: the guy who had his chocolate pudding taken away, but the agent let him keep his Swiss army knife. Ooh...that makes sense...

Talking about crazy -- the craziest things to do to save money, from Save Outside the Box. (Actually, some of these seem smart.)

How not to travel with a toddler. John Corcoran's column is laugh-out-loud funny. (But will I be laughing next week, on the plane to Ireland?)

Homemade laundry soap -- easy, effective. And according to The Family Homestead, really, really cheap.

New York welfare recipients are sending barrels full of the food they buy with EBT cards to family and friends in Haiti and elsewhere. I guess that's world aid...but do they really need the cards, if they're eating just fine without them?

 Beer-battered fish tacos. (I must be hungry or something.) From Frugal Upstate

The best advice on blogging I've seen in a lonnnggg time. From J.D. Roth, the originator of Get Rich Slowly. 

Five classic moments in pop culture that didn't play out the way they were supposed to...the variations were even better!

Five incredibly stupid marketing stunts -- including a riff on the James Holmes affair. You'll find these hard to believe -- but they happened. 

The kid who throws wild "free rager" parties all over New York City, using Facebook and some inventive planning. (His last one was on Manhattan Bridge, in the wee hours of the morning.)

Taking advantage of 'fallen fruit' -- and sharing with neighbors. We've been lucky to have good next-door neighbors who trot over with everything from zucchini to cornbread. (We respond with cupcakes, rolls and a dozen eggs now and then.) Our other neighbors are friendly, but more distant. What if we were all more neighborly now and then? It might just change the world. (From Get Rich Slowly)

Paper-thin chive pancakes, one of 101 Cookbooks' offerings. Wouldn't these be good with a sliver of ham and some Swiss cheese?

Little things DO add up. A reminder from Mr. Money Mustache.

Making peace with your credit cards. (From The Simple Dollar.)


A teacher who's been missing since 1985 is found -- behind a false wall in her home. Husband died back in December, and the contractor who's cleaning out the trash-littered place found Jo Ann Nichol's skeleton. (I hope she came to 'visit' Husband often.)

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