Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Strangest Money Habits

What's your strangest money habit?

Reach Financial Independence asked this, and it got me to thinking -- what do I do, money-wise, that most probably drives my friends and family members crazy?

*Argue over coupons. Daughter #1 was mortified at a King Soopers once, because I didn't get 50 cents credited on my bill, like I was supposed to. (It took at least five minutes for the clerk to understand and fix it. Stupid clerk.)

*One word: returns. If meat, veggies or milk go bad quickly (say, 2 days after I've bought them), I'll take them back to the grocery store and get a replacement.

*Two more words: complaining letters. I'm famous -- really -- with friends and family, for getting money and replacements back on defective merchandise and shoddy service. ("You had to wait an hour for your food? You need to have Cindy write you a letter.") I used to be a food critic for the Traildust restaurant chain (sadly not here in Denver anymore), and it drives me craazy to be treated badly with the money I spend. A letter helps.  (More on this in the future.)

*Secretly stash away a few hot sauce packets at Taco Bell. Or a sauerkraut one at Sam's. I love sauerkraut. 

*Rarely keep dollar bills. They spend too easily -- five and ten-dollar bills are harder to break. (The one exception: a wad of 20 singles for making change at teaching gigs.)

*Ask the clerk at the credit union, 'Got anything weird?' Half-dollars, silver dollars...every once in a while, they have something unusual.

*Stash little money caches all over the house. It must be the equivalent of worrying about whether I'll go hungry...fat chance, considering this chubby self. But I figure that if the banks close, we'll still have some folding money to get by.

So what's your strangest money habit?

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