Thursday, September 19, 2013

Amazing Coincidences -- And CQC's Quilt-A-Fair Canceled

News alert:  For those of you planning to attend the Colorado Quilt Council's annual Quilt-A-Fair event this weekend, save your pennies -- it's been canceled. A lot of roads are closed in that area, and the fairgrounds no longer are accessible. Wait until next year, I guess.

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I just came across a list of amazing coincidences -- including two brothers killed. Each was riding the same scooter, and hit by a taxi. The same taxi. With the same driver. And the same passenger. A year apart from each other!

One of the strangest accounts, to my mind, was that of Edwin Booth, brother of John Wilkes, and an extremely famous actor in his time. (Think Tom Hanks or Johnny Depp.) Booth happened to save a young man who was accidentally knocked onto the subway tracks. Days later, Booth found out the young man's identity: Robert Todd Lincoln. Yes, that one -- son of Abraham.
     Robert Lincoln had his own set of weird coincidences, including being present (or nearby) when three different presidents were assassinated: Garfield, McKinley, and of course, his own father. Lincoln refused to meet any presidents after that -- he felt his presence was bad luck.

You'd look like this too, if you'd seen what he did

Lincoln became a businessman, the Secretary of War...and the man to put his own mother, Mary Todd Lincoln, in an insane asylum for a while. (She never really forgave him for it, either.) His grandson, 'Bud' Beckwith, the last direct Abraham Lincoln descendant, died in 1985...married twice, but no children. (A son, born to his second wife, was not his, apparently.)

Take a look.

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