Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Monday - No, Tuesday Stuff On the Way to Other Stuff: Back in Business

The Brickworks offices reopened for regular hours this week -- we were on a skeleton crew last week, and closed for inventory the weeks before that, while the Brick and I visited Ireland. Piles of stuff await going through, but I've also got an armload of appraisals to double-check and type up. No sluffing off around here. Meanwhile:

Yelling at the same people you're urging to eat better on a budget? (Not to mention trying to get them to shell out money for the book, as well as watch the show.) Jamie Oliver's got me puzzled on this one.

Have you ever fallen for a scam? (From Get Rich Slowly)

Barbara Taylor Bradford is auctioning some of her jewelry. I read and reread Bradford's A Woman of Substance. What's even more fascinating: the book seems to be about some of her family members! Anyhow, if you're in the market for something of Bradford's, here's your chance. The only bad part: it doesn't seem to be auctioned off for charity. 

If you need glasses, this is something to consider -- get your first pair of glasses free when ordering from Coastal. (And you don't have to order anything besides that...) Daughter #2 is very happy with her glasses, so I just ordered a pair. (Bifocals, darn it.)

An easy way to make a loose shirt into a fitted one. (From Brown Sugar Toast)

Try this weird Scarecrow game, and you're eligible for a BOGO coupon from Chipotle!

Some of the loveliest batiks ever, from Lunn Fabrics via Robert Kaufman.

Eating (and well) on $30 a week for food, from Moneysaving Mom.  (The comments are just as good as the post.)

Joshua Chamberlain's original Medal of Honor is discovered hidden in a book...from his granddaughter's estate. We've long admired this Civil War general who participated in the Battle of Roundtop Mountain. (Oops, Woah of Nawthern Agresssion, to my Southern friends. See Beverly, I am learning!) Chamberlain was also the president of a college, and the governor of Maine, yet remained surprisingly modest. When Medals of Honors were redesigned and replaced, he was given the option of giving back the old one to get the new one -- or keeping both. Apparently he chose the latter option.

Students think their building is haunted -- turns out it's someone living in a secret apartment they didn't know existed. Strange, huh?

Tips for making great burgers, courtesy of Williams-Sonoma.

Have a great week...and enjoy Fall.

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