Monday, September 16, 2013

Monday Stuff On the Way to Other Stuff: It's Nice to Be Home

And not sitting on a plane somewhere! 

The rain has stopped...and once the floodwaters completely recede, then the cleanup will start in Colorado. It's going to be a lot of work. I am very grateful we, as well as the girlies, are ok. But a lot of people aren't. Because we live in such a dry climate, nearly every person in this state does not have flood insurance. And guess what's excluded on nearly all insurance policies?!? 
     While I wash clothes, find eggs (the chickies are getting sneaky at hiding them) and generally catch up, here are bits and pieces gleaned from the Internet.

College students (and others) -- absentminded behavior, as well as trusting strangers, is going to get your identity stolen! Donna Freedman's got some good tips here...

Fat-shaming: in other words, ridiculing people who aren't reed-thin and bulimic. As a rather plump person right now (hopefully getting less so!), I can relate to the common sense in this article.

How this guy paid off $30,000-plus in debt. (From the Debt Princess)

And a bunch of stuff from yours truly, including the merits of traveling alone, Summer's bounty captured, and whether you should keep a second car -- or not. (from Midlife Finance) 
    My other gig, on Penny Thots, has produced such goodies as things colleges wish your student would NOT bring, dumpster diving and the joys of scavenging fruit(More posts are at both websites, in case you're curious.)

Out of the Brickworks vault:  living with people who scare you.  
    Susan Klebold's essay, "I Will Never Know Why," courtesy of Oprah Magazine and about Susan's son Dylan (and the Columbine massacre) is along these same lines. This intelligent, thoughtful woman argues that she never knew her son's murderous intents. (She also hints that he wouldn't have done it without his friend Eric's influence -- something I'm less apt to agree with.) A fascinating article.

 The Simple Dollar's reader mailbag posts. These show up every Monday and Thursday, and range from how to deal with debt, to recipes and Trent's favorite games. (His daily posts are often good, too, like this one on The Gospel of Jeff and the ballad of Joe and Mike.)  I try not to miss a single one -- you should read them, too!

Fall is definitely here in Colorado, though it's late -- the hummingbirds are still here (they normally leave around Labor Day), and the leaves are juuust starting to turn. (I suspect those last few weeks of 90-degree temps, while we were in Ireland, slowed things down.) 
     In spite of the flooding, it's still lovely. 

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