Monday, October 28, 2013

Happy Halloween -- Woof! (And Meow)

An incredible Halloween dog parade in New York City. Nearly all of these are little dogs, better known as "yipey dogs" in the Brick house. Only a few big boys are the size of Charley or Abby -- mostly, I suspect, because big dogs don't generally put up with this kind of nonsense. Buck and Goonie, our Weimaraners, would chew off even a bandanna in no time flat. Not that the littler guys are loving it -- most seem to have the expression of "the minute his/her back is turned, I'm going to bite somebody." Some, though, don't care.

Very few self-respecting cats would let you stuff a costume on them, then drag them out in public for a parade. Dogs must figure, "If it makes my humans happy [sigh] fine, I'll do it.  Cats -- no way.
     They're more the lazy, self-satisfied revenge type.

At least dogs and cats all get along together. Eventually. Sort of.

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