Sunday, October 13, 2013

Monday Stuff On the Way to Other Stuff: It's Fall All Over

These next few weeks are going to be busy. Come Wednesday, I'm headed to judge, appraise and teach for the North Star Quilting Guild's annual show. (Whoo hoo!) If you're in the Grand Forks, ND area, stop by -- it's going to be a great time, with lots of wonderful quilts.
     Meanwhile, the Brick is headed east on Thursday to Grand Rapids, MI, to go to a conference there. (He'll stay with the Mama in Sparta on the family farm for a few days, then with our brother and sister the rest of the time.
     I get home Sunday -- he doesn't until next week Thursday. Then soon after, he heads out elk/deer hunting. Which means tons of packing, groceries and general mayhem. Welcome to Fall.
     The colors here are heart-stopping. We've had the most wonderful softly-clouded days, which just make the autumn colors glow all the more. It's a little chilly, but warm during the days, and the chickies have been having a great time, pecking at the remains of the garden. 
     The Brick spent much of this weekend working on expanding the main coop, so the younger chickens can start sleeping in with the older ones. Keeps everyone warmer, and gives us an easier way to keep track of what's going on, too.
     Right now, the babies are staying under a library table enclosed with chicken wire to make a sort-of tunnel. Tarps are on top, to keep them warm and dry. The Australorp chickens' feathers are filling in, and a deep, glossy black -- the Rhode Island Reds literally glow with all the russet shades of autumn.
     I love this time of year! 

     Meanwhile, here's what I noticed via the Internet:

A blog dedicated to acts of kindness.

Make butter...with a mixer! Get your cream at a reasonable price, and it's actually much cheaper. (From Homemaker-Mom2)

Housework done as exercise -- including approx. calories burned. Now, that's an actual reason to want to vacuum and scrub. (From Apartment Therapy)

Libby Lehman's improving! The last I'd heard, she was sleeping nearly all the time and making no effort to communicate. Here's the Oct. 12 post from her Caring Bridge journal:
      Libby was awake, alert, and talkative today, and my hubby Bill and I were so excited to see her more herself than we have seen in several weeks! According to LVN Lisa, Libby did experience some vomiting when they were dressing her today, but Lisa thinks this may be because Libby has a full tummy from the all night feeding tube regime. That seems to make sense since recently Libby has only been sick in the "getting up" process first thing in the morning, and luckily not every day. 
      Libby is still physically weak which impairs her ability to speak, and it seems to all of us on Team Libby that she has many words in mind but the difficulty is in physically expressing them. Her new speech therapist Ellerly, was pleasantly surprised with Libby's progress today during a good therapy session with her. During our visit today Libby volunteered many one and two word responses, accompanied by appropriate facial expressions. Today's visit was closer to a real conversation than we have had in weeks. 

    She even tried to sing along with Jimmy Buffett's "It's Five O'Clock Somewhere" a day or so before this journal entry. Wow.
All I can say is...thank God. And I mean that literally.

Do you know someone who's actively serving in the military -- or retired? They've eligible for a free stay at a B&B Nov. 11! Go to the listing for more info; thanks for the heads-up, Moneysaving Mom.

Halloween costumes for pets. I couldn't torture Charley and Abby, our Golden Labs, by stuffing them in these costumes -- but they're amusing, all the same.  Maybe your pet would put up with it....ours would chew and scratch until it's OFF, including this funny little 'hot dog:'

Yours truly continues to write for other blogs, especially Midlife Finance. Take a look at the articles, including bathroom renovations and 15 ways to cut your food budget.

My recent work for Penny Thots included how to write an effective 'complaining letter'doggy allergies (Charley was miserable with these until just recently); and how to dry herbs and flowers. 

Now if you'll excuse me, I need to start packing. Have a great week -- 


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