Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Spiraling Down

To paraphrase MacArthur:

Great bloggers never die...they just fade away. 

Brin, over at Messy Thrilling Life, disappeared for more than a year, then started up again sporadically. (She's been much more faithful lately, because she's getting married, and loves talking about it.)

Meredith, from Like Merchant Ships (and one of my very favorites), disappeared back in March 2010. Thankfully, she does contribute now and then to a Tumblr (shortened) version of her former self. Or it would just be too hard. (sniff)

J.D. Roth sold his blockbuster site Get Rich Slowly a few years ago...and promptly got a divorce, as well. (Many of his readers expressed the same confusion and hurt that J.D.'s wife was apparently going through.) The site's gotten better...and J.D.'s writing for it again, after an absence of at least a year...but it's still not the same.

Laurie, over at Crazy Aunt Purl, hasn't posted since April. (And she was getting sporadic before then.)

Jenn at Thrift Shop Romantic has been a no-show since last fall. I am getting mighty tired of looking at the same autumn tableside arrangement, over and over.

And another of my favorites, Ms. Golightly and her buddies over at the Thrifty Chicks, hasn't posted for at least a few years. Golightly was (is?) from Denver, CO, so it made me extra interested. And occasionally jealous.

Andy at Tight-Fisted Miser has been gone a lot, hiking. He says he'll make it up to us this month, since he isn't currently working. I won't hold my breath. (No offense, Andy.)

Oh, and there are others, too.

I'm grateful for people like Crystal at MoneySaving Mom and Trent at The Simple Dollar who post nearly every day. (Or in Trent's case, every day. I don't know how he does it.) Most of my favorite bloggers, though, are down to once a week -- or much less. Sure, I could (and do) read through back posts now and then. But the truth is:

I miss them.

It's not easy, keeping up a blog. (Especially when you're gone, or don't have easy access to the Internet.) You don't need to worry, though -- barring occasional weirdnesses, I'll keep on writing, though, and more than once a week.

 I'm too glad for your company, not to. Poor grammar -- but heartfelt, nonetheless.

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