Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Best Treasure Stories Ever!

I just found an amazing treasure blog.

It's chockful of all sorts of interesting tales, including the man who found an 8.7 egg-sized gold nugget! 

The sad part -- the writer only collected stories during 2009. (So what they term as a $10,000 nugget is actually worth a heck of a lot more today.)

The good part -- there are dozens of posts, including:

*People who discovered treasure in odd ways.

*Indian construction workers who found a cache of 62 silver coins (and promptly lost it to the government because some of the men were too greedy)

*A 14-year-old boy who discovered an ancient Jewish shekel while sifting through mounds of dirt at the site of the original Temple.

The blog is called simply "Treasure." But it catalogues finds all around the world, and some of the stories are almost unbelievable. If I hadn't heard of some of these before, I'd even say they were made up! But they're not...

     Take a look.

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