Sunday, November 24, 2013

Monday Stuff On the Way to Other Stuff: Relaxing for Thanksgiving

We missed the snowstorm that hit the West -- it went further south, into New Mexico and Texas. But a lot of people in Colorado are headed elsewhere for Thanksgiving, and worrying about hitting snow on the way. All the better reason to stay put.
     I need to do some grocery shopping, finish up some business stuff and a quilt restoration. Girlie #1 and boyfriend will be here Wednesday night, with Girlie #2 ringing in on Thursday morning. Can't wait to see them. Meanwhile:

Good advice for would-be authors....from Michael Hyatt, a former publisher at Thomas Nelson.

Getting the most out of Black Friday. A post from yours truly for one of the other sites I write for -- Midlife Finance. Speaking of...

Ten freebies out there for Black Friday. Check out the free coffee sample especially, if you're working on Friday. (From Parade magazine)

Five-plus meals out of a ten-pound turkey. (From Parenting Miracles)

How one McDonald's employee lives on her wages. I know I'm supposed to feel sorry for this girl and her four children -- but I keep getting the feeling there are a lifetime of bad choices behind this woman's current predicament. Too bad her kids have to pay for it, as well.

Yes, it's possible to over-save and scrimp too much. The Brick is much better than I am at this -- the willingness to not just squirrel away, but enjoy life, as well. It's why we've got a Subaru Outback, instead of a junker for a few hundred bucks....every frigid morning that I flip on the heated 'bunwarmer' seat button in the Subaru, I'm thankful for the Brick's insistence on a little luxury, as well as necessity.  (From Financial Samurai)

Celebrity deaths by age. Oddly mesmerizing, especially for the younger ones. (Did you realize that Jessica Dubroff was only SEVEN when she tried to set a piloting record? And crashed on only the second leg of her cross-country flight?)

Jessica Dubroff -- from Wikipedia
The 2013 Medal of Freedom recipients.

 An amazing low-cost solution when poor countries (and people) can't afford incubators.

The world's oldest different than you think. And the age? 507 years.

Ten billionaires...who aren't anymore. (Well, sort of.)

The tale of a new dishwasher... purchased two years after the old one sprang a leak! In other words, he figured how to jury-rig it enough to get by for a while, while he researched, saved and found the best replacement possible. Looove that kind of Hollander thinking. From Money Beagle, a favorite blogger.

How one student lived on $400/month in college. (From Reach Financial Independence)

Raising kids - and strapped for cash. (From MSN Money.)

Seven weird photos from Mars. (The 'girl' one is the most intriguing...)

The world's ten most incredible discoveries...from weird-but-intriguing friend, the Hybrid Librarian. See if these don't puzzle you, too:

Weeks like this only come once a year...relax and enjoy, okay?


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