Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Yes, It's Snowing Here

At least 10 inches, maybe even a foot. I actually measured how deep it was, by falling down in it. Twice. In my robe and sporting the Brick's workboots, on the way to let the chickies out. (Sensible creatures that they were, they refused to come out of the warm coop pretty much all day.) 

We got a lot of it -- but our friend Bert, who lives further south near Monument Hill (where normally it snows even when the rest of the state is dry) got what he described as a "skiff" of snow. Hardly anything. Kind of like this weird guy:

Now, in late evening, the temps are in single digits. I can see the red of the heat lamp shining out of the coop, and shadows cross the light. What are they doing in there -- playing cards? Holding a discussion group? Surely it can't be anything connected with a red light district...

We've had so little snow that this snowstorm is actually a blessing. I keep reminding myself of that every time I have to trudge through the drifts, muttering: . Why can't the chickens get their OWN water?! How come I have to bring out the feed? (And fall down, I add grimly.)

But today the chickies rewarded us with a full dozen eggs, in spite of the chill in the weather. And the evening light really is lovely, shining on the snow. (Here -- go see for yourself.)

It's good incentive to stay inside and get Stuff Done. The fire is crackling cheerfully as I work. Time to read a little, type, drink a lot of tea -- and listen to Charley and Abby snore.

Welcome to December in Colorado.


Mary Ann said...

We finally got our snow in Grand Forks,ND these past few days. I think we ended up with 8-10 inches. We are in the below zero stage all the rest of this week and thru the weekend!! I love the 4 seasons here!

Cindy Brick said...

It's been hanging out in single digits (or below) the last day or so here too, Mary Ann. That's the part I'm not so thrilled about! The chickens are still refusing to come out much, though I coaxed some out with water and feed this morning. (And I didn't fall down this time...)

Thanks so much for letting me know how it's going with you. Merry Christmas to you!

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