Saturday, January 25, 2014

Bones, bones, bones

It's been quiet here at the Brick house. Daughter's shoulder surgery was Monday, and she's spent the rest of the week sleeping upright (try doing that, and getting quality sleep, if you're not used to it!), reading a lot, and doing everything very slowly. Poor girlie.
     Which means I also do everything slowly. Including posting, washing dishes, and schlepping Daughter about. She went to class Friday morning, and it practically cleared her out -- she was exhausted this morning. Tired down to the bones...
     Me too. I still am not completely over the effects of this flu.

Speaking of bones:

Did you realize that soldiers' bones from long-past wars are still turning up today? Civil War military bones (identified primarily by the musket balls and period buttons found with the skeletons) have turned up especially around the edges of Gettysburg. (Which was a much larger battle than I ever realized -- the actual park is a good deal smaller than the actual battlefield.) Go here for a very interesting report.
    (Did you realize that the last living Civil War widow died not that long ago, in 2004? Alberta  married William Martin when he was 81, and she was 21. After five years of marriage and a son, he died -- and she married his grandson, who was much closer to her age. That marriage lasted for 50-some years.
     'Miz Alberta' died at age 97 or 94, depending on which news source you ask.) 

Italian military bodies from WWI have been turning up in glaciers, as well, as they melted back in recent years. Fascinating -- it's easy to forget that we live on the topmost layer of history, and occasionally it peels back.

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