Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Monday Stuff On the Way to Other Stuff: Whatchoo Lookin' At?

Yes, it's Tuesday...I guess that's a sign that we had a good time on our anniversary trip. Just got back. We had a great time, but got a surprise present from the City of Denver: a $25 parking ticket neither of us thinks we deserve. I plan to protest...
     It's chilly here, but nowhere near the Polar Vortex we're hearing so much about lately. (Doesn't that sound better than "Gee, it's cold!") It's been so cold that the Chicago Zoo had to bring their polar bears and penguins inside, to keep them from frostbite. Go figure.
 I'm not sure if it's putting more people online or what, but readership of this blog has been steadily rising -- nearly 5500 a month! Thank you; I'm honored. 
     A busy week -- appraisals and a gig tomorrow for the Common Threads Quilt Club in Parker, CO. (On Ruby McKim -- stop by for the talk!). If you're curious, one of Ruby's quilts is here.
     Then more appraisals on Friday. Next week will be more peaceful. 

Pigeons, dog poop, and $60,000...what would make you more happy? A blogpost from my Retire By 40 boss, Joe Udo, on what's really important in life.

Foods NOT to cook when your house is on the market. From the experienced realtor at Love Now Sell Later. (Popcorn? Really?)

Pepper Steak Slow Cooker Soup. Boy, this sounds delicious. (From Who Needs A Cape)

Ten insider tips for saving on grocery costs. (From Bankrate.)

Eighty cops and firemen are being charged with filing fake disabilities, so they can benefit from the generous 9/11 fund. Boy, this is sickening.

J.P. Morgan has agreed to cough up $1.7 BILLION to pay victims defrauded by Bernie Madoff. Wow! If that includes you, sign up...fast.

Can you really afford it?  A post on how to make sure -- from yours truly via Midlife Finance.

Have a good week -- and stay warm.

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