Monday, February 3, 2014

Monday Stuff on the Way to Other Stuff: Shellshocked

What happened?!?

     The Broncos we've grown to love all season did not seem to be the same mistake-making team out there on the Superbowl field. They're much better players than that. Doing it right for part of the time doesn't make up for the interceptions (a pass right to a Seattle player, Peyton??), missed tackles (the 5 guys who missed on a touchdown run is a shining example) -- and best of all, starting the game with a safety, because of a weird bobble. (The start of the second half, letting a Seahawks receiver run the ball back for a touchdown, comes in at a close second.)
     C'mon, guys. That was really embarrassing.
     Bronco-lovers everywhere are trying to come up with a reason for that embarrassing loss. (43-8, in case you haven't heard.) One friend said, "Maybe somebody got paid to throw the game." Daughter #2 had the best excuse: it wasn't our regular team out there.( "Junior Varsity," she explained.)
     Needless to say, it was a very quiet night in Colorado-land. While we're licking our wounds, you might find these samplings off the 'Net interesting:

How to trim expenses, without losing what you really enjoy. (From the Simple Dollar) Trent came in with some good advice on investing in collectibles, too.

Superhero capes for your favorite kid. Best of all, they're 'no-sew!'  (From Creative Green Living) 

My girlies would loved their DIY instructions for crowns and tiaras, too -- 15 different ways to make 'em.

Have you ever visited my 'other' blogs? Saving Site and SavingSite hold the freebies and Really Good Deals I run across now and then. (The lebkuchen post should have been repeated on them--but I got lazy.) Both run the same specials, so pick one and subscribe to it -- you won't regret it.
      The Holiday Goodies blog is running strong right now on a 'Bare Bones Meals'  series -- it will switch to Valentine's recipes soon. The Christmas Goodies blog is resting, but will start up again in late fall.

Midlife Finance, another blog I regularly write for, has posts on 'Ten Inspiring Titles for 2014' and index funds. (The latter will be particularly helpful when the stock market starts going down...which it is, right now. See next reference for an odd Superbowl connection on this.)
    Penny Thots continues to also run some of yours truly's posts, including one on 'The Big D' and coffee with friends. (Click on my name, Cindy Brick, on the top of the page for all of my currently published articles.)

The Superbowl Stock Market  Indicator Theory: according to this, if the Broncos had won, the market would do better this year!

One of the oldest Roman temples ever discovered is found...but it can only be excavated for three days. (Find out why when you click on the link.)

Poor Man's Steak...from Moneysaving Mom. The Mama would call this closer to Swiss Steak...but either way, it's delicious.

The last soldier buried in Arlington Cemetary's Tomb of the Unknown Soldier...isn't unknown at all.

This sign is on I-35 in it change! (Find it here, if it didn't show up on this post.)

I wasn't that impressed with the Superbowl commercials this year. Tim Tebow's was mildly amusing:

And if you're a farmer or rancher, the Chevy "romance" commercial is terrific. (Dad was a diehard Ford truck man, so...)

I heard good things about the musical instruments one, too:

My own favorite was the heart-tugging Budweiser commercial. The golden Lab did it. (Our Charley and Abby are goldens -- one of the best-natured breeds around. Good guard dogs, too.)
     But then, what can you expect, from someone who loves the Puppy Bowl.

You can see a good-sized sampling of them all here.

Have a better week than the Broncos did...

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