Monday, March 24, 2014

Monday Stuff On the Way to Other Stuff: March Madness

Back home from Cheyenne...and feeling exhausted. The house isn't actually that grubby -- but there are a boatload of piles, boxes and Just Plain Stuff that need to be put away.
     I don't wanna.
But no one else will be doing it, if I don't. The Brick is deep in a pile of work himself, Daughter #1 has been moving domiciles, and Daughter #2 has the flu.
     Oh, we're just a bunch of party animals around here.

Colorado seems to alternate between snow/dreary skies, and sun that warms the ground to barefoot weather. The first daffodil bloomed a little late -- just after St. Patrick's Day. No wonder -- it was probably confused. Makes you feel a little sideways about the rest of life, doesn't it?

 Ah well. On to other things in life, like:

Nineteen things your millionaire neighbor next door won't tell you. (From Len Penzo)

The Colorado woman who told her young son he had cancer, then reaped the considerable financial benefits from fundraisers, including a trip to Disneyland. (By the way...he didn't.)

What's your next step, if you can't make ends meet? Get Rich Slowly explores this in Part I and Part II. (Don't forget the reader comments -- they're even more interesting than the articles.)

What to do when space is really in Paris. (From Apartment Therapy)

Eight weird spy transmissions -- some are still going on. (Just don't look at the top and side ads on this site -- they can get even weirder than the spy transmissions.)

Hunting a stolen masterpiece. Caravaggio's Nativity has been missing since 1969 -- what happened to it?

Twelve teacher replies to -- whatever.  (Ditto.)

A new way to try pigs in the blanket - wrapped in spicy green onion pancakes! (Thanks, Betty Crocker)

One of the Titanic 'survivors' is still missing -- proven by a DNA test. (This story is fascinating.)

DNA testing also played an interesting part in determining whether Anna Anderson was the long-lost Princess Anatasia, as well. (I was really rooting for her, too.)

We haven't watched March Madness like we should...but Michigan is still hanging in there. Their next game: Friday night.  (CU, sadly, has already gone down in flames.) Yes, there is another Michigan university team...but we do not discuss the Green and White One in this house. (grin) Our friends had high hopes for Wichita State's Shockers (yes, that's the team name) -- but their first loss of the season went to Kentucky (only two points!), and they're out. Darn.

Have a great week -- and if you've got any bare, sort of warm ground,  plant something!

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