Friday, April 4, 2014

Video Week #6: Memories of Tiny Tim..and Tulips

We've got at least a foot of snow on the ground...and I have this wistfulness for flowers. Especially:

Yep, tulips. Red, yellow, peach, white...just as long as they're fresh, fragrant and smelling of spring.

The daffodils, first of our outsider flowers, are barely out of the ground. The grape hyacinths are leafing out, but that's that's it. So it's going to be a while before any tulips show up.
    Sure, I could get them at the store -- but the pots I've seen so far look pretty scraggly.

Tulips always make me think of:

Tiny Tim (Herbert Khaury) was a folk singer known best for his falsetto version of "Tip Toe Through the Tulips." Sure, he was a little weird, but that incredible voice range!
      While I was working at Quilter's Newsletter Magazine, we got an intriguing note from a quilt shop owner. TT and his wife Sue had been in her shop, choosing fabrics for Sue's next quilt. The shop owner discreetly followed them around, and collected the bolts the couple picked out. Some bright red, yellow and blue print samples were included in the note. (No tulip prints!)
      I ordered half-yard cuts of the "Tiny Tim" fabric set. Someday, on a gray, dreary day, I'll stitch these cheerful fabrics together, in memory of this tall eccentric who loved to entertain.

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