Friday, June 13, 2014

Monday (er, Friday...) Stuff On the way to Other Stuff: Still Here

You were wondering, weren't you?

The Mama's open heart surgery was a success -- but it's meant that someone needs to stay with her all the time, if at all possible, while she's slowly been recuperating. And since my brother and sister-in-law have been dealing with their own deadlines and personal stuff, that person has been...
Mom doesn't have Internet access. (She doesn't believe in computers - period.) By some miracle, my new IPhone (which I'm still a doofus at using) picks up e-mail and lets me peck out laborious replies. But unless I go to my cousin's, McDonald's or the library, I'm stuck. And going those places means I must leave Mom on her own. 
   Thankfully, she is walking several times a day, doing her exercises and hanging in there, in spite of some emotional ups and downs. Her incisions are healing nicely. It's amazing what medicine can do, nowadays. 
    I apologize for not getting the Monday Stuff up on -- well, you know -- but we were fresh from the hospital. I didn't dare leave Mom to do it. So here it is. I'm hoping to be around more often, now she's starting to feel better.

'Good and Cheap:' A free downloadable cookbook by Leanne Brown. Great photos, easy-to-follow text...and it's free! Go here to download. 

What to do when your higher-end income isn't enough for the goal you want. One Frugal Girl weighs in on the subject. 

Did you know that Calvin & Hobbes' creator made a quick return to the comics page? Bill Watterson did three strips for Stephen Pastis' Pearls Before Swine, a very rude (and funny) comic. Full story's here. (I thought something looked familiar about those drawings!)

A slideshow of funny church signs. Including the following, which my "we had a horrible winter" Michigan relatives can relate to!

If it's my money, can I spend it any way I want to? Making Sense of Cents tussles over whether you should be listening to other people telling you what to do. (I think you know how I feel on this, just by the way I'm describing it.)
     I keep thinking of:

Top countries to be a mother in. I still think this is a little goofy...but the statistics are interesting. (In case you're wondering, the U.S. is #31.)

A hall-tree literally made from bits and pieces of furniture items. Even if you don't make it, this post will give you lots of ideas for combining furniture and wood scraps and leftovers. Clever girl. (From Thrifty Treasures)

How to open a can without a can-opener. You'll need this some day. Trust me.

If your grandma made need to read this. (It's the reason why, to this day, I still shy away from the quivering stuff.)

An easy frozen margarita. Boy, this sounds good. (From Who Needs A Cape)

Warren Buffett's best 23 quotes about investing.

An intriguing 'stop bullying' strategy that might just work. (From Reader's Digest) Also:

Thirteen secrets top personal organizers use -- over and over again.

Ten items you don't tend to pack for a trip...but should. (I'd add clothespins and a long piece of string. Both have come in handy for multiple uses, including a makeshift clothesline.)

Dealing with your finances honestly. One person's story -- including an honest look at how he grew up. (And how it affected his financial decisions. From Mike Robbins at Blogher.)

"His Master's Voice" salt and pepper shakers. Plus the story behind them -- from It's All Connected. That's these shakers:

And the painting that inspired them.

And yes...

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