Monday, June 16, 2014

Monday Stuff on the way to Other Stuff: (Still) Taking Care of Mom

The Mama slowly continues to improve from open heart surgery. Meanwhile, I make the meals, run errands (easier to get away for a few minutes, now she's getting stronger), hang out when she's got company (a LOT), and act generally as dog's-body to her. 
     It needs to be done...but I've had jobs that were more fun. 

As she heals, the stitches are starting to itch and pull. Then she gets crabby. And I get crabby, listening to her be crabby. I don't have nearly as good a reason to do it as she does, either.
    Sigh. At least the weather's been beautiful and not too humid. (Easy to happen in Michigan.) The fresh fruit is starting to come in -- I'll go pick strawberries tomorrow morning. And life goes on. 
    Selections are a little sparse this week. The Mama does not believe in computers or the Internet, which means I have to go elsewhere for Wifi. But I couldn't do that much because 1) I didn't dare leave her alone too long, and 2) Not seeing that computers are of much value, anyways, she'll tend to call after 45 min. or so, asking where I am. That breaks concentration and messes up whatever I'm doing. Meanwhile:

Funny glimpses of a frugal family. If you live with people like this, you'll enjoy Miser Mom's take on the subject.

What should you do if you lose your job? (From Less Is More, via Moneysaving Mom)

Thirty summertime meals made and stashed -- in three hours. (From Who Needs A Cape?)

A very pretty 'Sashay' variegated scarf. Maybe it's time to start thinking about Christmas presents? (from Frugal Upstate)

You can also find several articles from yours truly on my other main blog, Midlife Finance:
      *Credit cards and other travel bugaboos (important, if you're planning on traveling anywhere this summer)
     *Advice to graduates
     *Copycat recipes (Cut out your regular swing by Starbucks, and save some $)
     *Completely foolproof investing (a clue here: it isn't)
     *Seven tips that don't make sense -- but are effective, anyways!

Back to Mom's...and work. Hope you're having a good week.


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