Sunday, July 27, 2014

Monday Stuff On the Way to Other Stuff: Driving And More Driving

Finished tonight at Maine Quilts. It went well, but I'm 'dead beat and plum tuckered out,' as the Brick would say. Have more than fifteen hours of driving to get to Michigan, then another twenty hours of driving (including a quick stop in Kansas City for The Mama to see her sister-in-law, Aunt Ruth) before I get back to Colorado...and home. 

    Home -- wow, I haven't been there since May 24! Does it still exist? Is it really still there? 

Here are photos of some of the wonderful blocks my Maine-r students kicked out this week. Since we were studying fabrics (and designs) Colonial Americans used, many of these include similar fabrics, including toiles and 'diapered' backgrounds. Nice!

    Now if you'll excuse me, I have to pack up the "cah" and get going. Meanwhile:

This block with appliqued girlies in the star points, as well as the center -- and gold filagree 'fans.' From Zoe, age 12.

Three different ways to make fudge. (From Who Needs A Cape)

James Garner, amazing actor...gone.

And, from yours truly, via Midlife Finance:

A unique way to go back to school.

A closer look at the debacle that was Zeek Rewards.

Have a good week.

Friday, July 25, 2014

I'm Still Here...

...but just beat.

Maine Quilts has been a lot of fun. Not only are people really enthusiastic, but I had a chance to look at a BUNCH of wonderful hanging quilts. (Mine is out there, too...a Crazy with my first experiment on LED lights included. Working on a second one.)

Had a morning redwork class, then a lunch lecture immediately afterward on Crazy quilts, THEN a two-hour lecture on dating quilts! I can still remember my name (sort of), and I know where my car keys are. Everything else is pretty much a lost cause.

Quilts of the Colonials is tomorrow...lots of sewing and working with old fabrics. What a burden. (!!!)  There are some spots left in my Crazy class Sunday, if you're in the Augusta, ME area.

Monday, July 21, 2014

Female Bikers, Take Note!

Especially if you love to wear skirts...

now you can, without worrying if you're showing.

Simple...but it works.

Sunday, July 20, 2014


If it's been raining a lot at your house, you might keep this in mind...

(I'd swear that lynx is licking its lips - and the protein source it's staring at is the driver!)

Monday Stuff On the Way to Other Stuff: Wandering

Whoa...I don't have anything to rush off and do in the next few days! The appraisers conference is done, but Maine Quilts doesn't start until Friday morning. And it's too far to drive back to Michigan, then return again. (Well, there is...but I'd spend all that time driving there and back, with just a little between.) 
    So -- I took a friend to the Norfolk airport, then started heading north. Stopped at an antiques mall, a thrift shop, and a seafood buffet. (Went by Fort Nonsense, as well -- a Revolutionary War fortified hill that never got used.) Then got a hotel room and took a long nap. All this resting could be addictive! 

Are aliens on the moon? A quick review of the latest ScyFy special, including purported photos of 'fortresses,' 'flying saucers' and 'machine tracks.' The interviews with former astronauts, though, are the real kicker -- it sounds very much like they're saying that the astronauts Saw Things they weren't allowed to talk about. (The review credits the astronauts saying they really didn't say that -- their statements were just edited convincingly.) 

10 TV moments that were almost fatal. (And you probably haven't heard about them -- these were mostly hushed up.)

A closer look at the debacle that was Zeek Rewards. (From yours truly via Midlife Finance)
     You might also enjoy:

25 ways to save this summer (time, as well as money!)  Another contribution from yours truly.

Save money on college textbooks. (Yes, school's starting up again. From Money Saving Mom)

Bleepety-bleep pesto. Fast, beautiful, and best of all: delicious.  (From Hungry Girl)

Cracker bread crust pizza -- a basic unleavened bread recipe, topped with yummy stuff. (From Tammy's Recipes.)

How much underwear do you have? Donna Freedman wants to know.

Twelve cool ways to tie a scarf. (From Tipjunkie) Includes scarf patterns. Also: twelve trendy fashion accessories. 

Turning too-large pants into skinny ones. (From Life As Mom)

A new baby gift idea - sending enough small presents, one for each doctor appointment! (From One Frugal Girl)

And, to finish up, Allison's Curated and Collected Apartment, courtesy of Apartment Therapy. Cool, calm and collected...and all done in a rental. Wow. Take a close-up look at this great living room:

I really like the 'painting' above her bed, too. (It's actually a blown-up photo of kelp in the ocean.)

Also from Apartment Therapy: how to spend only 20 minutes cleaning your house -- a program for 30 days. (Going to try this when I get home.)

Have a great week.

Saturday, July 19, 2014

The Plane Truth

From the Bizarro Blog...bless his weird little heart.

Still Williamsburg...But Not For Long

Today was the last day of the PAAQT appraisers conference. We finished off with the annual meeting and a talk by Laura Fisher, New York City dealer extraordinaire, and the author of several incredible books, including Quilts of Illusion and my personal favorite, Home Sweet Home. (It's an analysis of house designs in textiles, including quilts and samplers. What can I quilts just make me happy.)

I had planned to spend the afternoon vegging, but instead, went back to the museum with Laura. We had fun analyzing the quilts and samplers on display. She has a good eye for detail, as well, and pointed out several things I hadn't even noticed on the first trip through a few days ago. Then we had supper at the Shields Tavern. (The Fish House punch was particularly good.) Actually heard this guy playing there:

    The violinist with him played a slow, meditative melody that suddenly made me long for home and the Brick. The tune? "Westering Home." No wonder.

We walked down the street to attend a candlelight organ concert at the church three blocks down. Then back to the hotel, and a quick swim.

What a nice way to end an interesting day.

Leaving tomorrow morning to start heading north to Maine Quilts.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Biding My Time

...and Williamsburg's a wonderful place to do it in.

The PAAQT appraisers' annual conference will continue through the weekend. We went behind the scenes today to look at textiles used for various houses and exhibits...talked to the curator (and head conservator)...and got a look at new quilts-in-progress, made to look like they were old!
    It was catnip to anyone who loves textiles. (You didn't think that appraisers got into this just because it was valuing, did you?)
    Tonight, we had dinner by candlelight in a wonderful old tavern. (The King's Arm) Tomorrow's class all day, then a lovely banquet. I'm looking forward to it.
    If you've never been to Williamsburg, VA, you should seriously consider it. It's a hands-on spot to learn more about 18th century history, American-style. 

Fortunately, it's been a lot of fun...because it helps me keep my mind off the Brick. After spending a few days with him last week, I miss him terribly. Watched a favorite 'girlie' movie tonight, P.S. I Love You...and burst into tears. I just wish he was here.

Must keep my focus on work...and what I need to get done. It's only a few weeks longer.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Duke's Last Day

Being away from home for nearly two months now hasn't been easy. Among other things, I miss our dogs, Charley and Abby, so much.

That's why I got a big lump in my throat when I read about this family's task to give their beloved dog Duke one final, wonderful day. Go here to read about it, and look at the many photos.

Good Boy. Rest in Peace.

Monday, July 14, 2014

Monday Stuff On the Way to Other Stuff: Williamsburg

Packing up, getting ready to head out again. This time, it's to the PAAQT appraisers conference in Williamsburg, VA. The Mama and I spent a chunk of time making kits for classes in the upcoming Maine Quilts gig, right after. I don't want to fold fabric again for a while. 
     Thought I'd post the latest list, before I hit the road.

Personal finance challenges -- 25 ways to get started. (From The Simple Dollar)

Waddya do with extra paychecks? I know -- there's always room for 'extra' money. (From Punch Debt in the Face) 

One person dead, seven others hurt -- due to a lightning strike on Trail Ridge Road. In Rocky Mountain National Park, that is.  In another nature-based fatality:

A Missouri dad dies from snakebite after he picks up a copperhead to show his son. The man was dead in a half-hour...go figure.

Farting gas helps reduce dementia and heart disease -- or so this study says. (The Brick is ecstatic at the news.)

Adventures of a modern hermit. Or is she, really? I find it rather ironic that said interview about "I left this tech-mad become a babe in the woods" is accompanied by photos of said babe, was obviously typed on a computer and sent via the Internet. Apparently, those items don't count.

Now that's some kind of fish snack, says this kitty...

 Have a great week -- preferably not on the road!

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Weekend Update

The Brick leaves tomorrow morning.

Even though he's been visiting in Michigan only a few days, his presence here has been a lifesaver. I knew I missed this man, whom I've been married to now for 33-plus years. I just didn't realize how much I missed him.

Turns out: a lot. 

For those of you who are wondering -- The Mama grows steadily better. She's off pain meds for the third day...knowing you can drive again when you're off narcotics is a strong motivation! She still gets tired, and can't walk far. But she can generally take care of herself, except for lifting more than ten pounds. (Anything more than a gallon of milk, the surgeon said.) She got a clean bill of health this week, which bucked her up wonderfully.

I only have about three weeks left -- and 2 1/2 wks of that time includes going to a PAAQT appraisers conference in Williamsburg, VA, then on to Maine Quilts in Augusta, ME. Then I head back to Michigan to pick The Mama up -- and home.

In honor of the trek:

Hang in there, chickens and Charley -- I'm coming!

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Do You Believe?

Bizarro Comics does:

(See it at the Bizarro blog here.)


I'm still in Michigan through next Tuesday...
    but it's a lot easier, now that the Brick (darling man) is visiting! I've missed him so much.

We're planning on heading to the beach Saturday...Lake Michigan. 

Michigan really is a beautiful place. Take a look, and see:

Monday, July 7, 2014

Monday Stuff On the Way to Other Stuff: Old Friends

Just back from teaching at the John C. Campbell School...dropped Daughter #1 off in Atlanta, and made tracks for The Mama's home in Michigan. Drove most of Saturday night, and got back late Sunday morning. 
    The Mama continues to improve, albeit slowly. Her family and friends took good care of her while I was gone. I'll only be with her for about 1 1/2 weeks -- then it's on to a PAAQT appraisers conference in Williamsburg, VA.  The best part of all this: the Brick, who I haven't seen for nearly two months, will be on his way to Michigan for a short visit on Wednesday! It will be wonderful to be with him, even if only for a few days.
    Some of the links I'm sending your way this week are from bloggers I've been reading for years. They would be strangers if I met them on the street -- but they've become old friends.

  A tasty 5-Star Cheeseburger Casserole...that's also lower in fat and calories. Sounds good to me, Bakerette. (Her Amish-style breakfast casserole looks tasty, too.)

One university that saved its students $31 MILLION DOLLARS...just by sending them a letter.

Artists' royalties -- should they get them? (Yes, I've brought this up before -- but it's important.)

How poor financial priorities can lead to stupid excuses. (From Len Penzo) I need to remind myself of this's so much easier to point the finger anywhere else but me.

Eight questions to ask BEFORE you buy. (From Donna Freedman)

BPA and baby bottles...could it affect your child? (From the Mayo Clinic)

Where do you find money for emergencies? (From One Frugal Girl)

Four ways to make money from your 'old stuff.' (From Get Rich Slowly)

Have a great, lazy week.

Friday, July 4, 2014

Happy Fourth!

...I spent it teaching, but the students were great. (Thanks, Marie, Susie, Janabai, Terrie, Vickie, Karen, Phyllis and Eugenia.)

More on them, and the rest of our work in a day or so. Meanwhile:

Wednesday, July 2, 2014


Think you're high on the Totem Pole of Life?

This caiman did, until...

Monday (Wednesday) Stuff on the Way to Other Stuff: Back on the Air

...I'm glad to be here. 

Lesson learned: when you're teaching at a folk art school that emphasizes the old arts, you're probably not going to be able to access WiFi (or cellphones, for that matter) that easily. Although texts seem to slip through, about the only way I can get online is by hanging out in the study in a certain building. It's a beautiful one -- heavily built stone fireplace with hand-carved wooden piece above, lots of wood in both floors and walls...and a rowdy group playing euchre in the corner while I'm typing away. 
    Otherwise, it's been starvation alley in the technology department, folks. Although we've had a wonderful time doing pioneer quilting in the Fiber Arts studio this week. Here are photos of the 'Hole in the Barn Door' blocks we got done on Monday. Aren't they wonderful!

Marie's version...with Susie's next door, in brown textures

Eugenia's block - note her clever fussy-cut floral center block

Seven of 8 students' blocks...different tastes, different colors!

     Not many items this week, as a result...but they're good ones.

Why it's so hard to get a personal mortgage approved...from a loan officer's viewpoint. (From Financial Samurai; he's got a bunch of interesting articles right now on this subject.)

A heartbreaking personal ad...until you read the last line!

Twenty most common habits of rich people. Hmmmm...

Camels, Vikings and Sphinxes...on table clocks? Yep, and they're rare. See this preview article to a Skinner Auctions upcoming event. 

And a wonderful Mental Floss article: forgotten artifacts, found, that are worth millions. 
(Their article on post-mortem photos is a doozy, too.)

From yours truly, via Midlife Financedealing with stress and  when someone you love is really sick.    (Guess who I'm talking about -- the Mama, of course. She's slowly doing better, by the way.)

Plus a video from the John Campbell School of Folk Art, my current home -- and their fall festival.

I hope you're having a good week.