Sunday, July 20, 2014

Monday Stuff On the Way to Other Stuff: Wandering

Whoa...I don't have anything to rush off and do in the next few days! The appraisers conference is done, but Maine Quilts doesn't start until Friday morning. And it's too far to drive back to Michigan, then return again. (Well, there is...but I'd spend all that time driving there and back, with just a little between.) 
    So -- I took a friend to the Norfolk airport, then started heading north. Stopped at an antiques mall, a thrift shop, and a seafood buffet. (Went by Fort Nonsense, as well -- a Revolutionary War fortified hill that never got used.) Then got a hotel room and took a long nap. All this resting could be addictive! 

Are aliens on the moon? A quick review of the latest ScyFy special, including purported photos of 'fortresses,' 'flying saucers' and 'machine tracks.' The interviews with former astronauts, though, are the real kicker -- it sounds very much like they're saying that the astronauts Saw Things they weren't allowed to talk about. (The review credits the astronauts saying they really didn't say that -- their statements were just edited convincingly.) 

10 TV moments that were almost fatal. (And you probably haven't heard about them -- these were mostly hushed up.)

A closer look at the debacle that was Zeek Rewards. (From yours truly via Midlife Finance)
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25 ways to save this summer (time, as well as money!)  Another contribution from yours truly.

Save money on college textbooks. (Yes, school's starting up again. From Money Saving Mom)

Bleepety-bleep pesto. Fast, beautiful, and best of all: delicious.  (From Hungry Girl)

Cracker bread crust pizza -- a basic unleavened bread recipe, topped with yummy stuff. (From Tammy's Recipes.)

How much underwear do you have? Donna Freedman wants to know.

Twelve cool ways to tie a scarf. (From Tipjunkie) Includes scarf patterns. Also: twelve trendy fashion accessories. 

Turning too-large pants into skinny ones. (From Life As Mom)

A new baby gift idea - sending enough small presents, one for each doctor appointment! (From One Frugal Girl)

And, to finish up, Allison's Curated and Collected Apartment, courtesy of Apartment Therapy. Cool, calm and collected...and all done in a rental. Wow. Take a close-up look at this great living room:

I really like the 'painting' above her bed, too. (It's actually a blown-up photo of kelp in the ocean.)

Also from Apartment Therapy: how to spend only 20 minutes cleaning your house -- a program for 30 days. (Going to try this when I get home.)

Have a great week.

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