Saturday, July 12, 2014

Weekend Update

The Brick leaves tomorrow morning.

Even though he's been visiting in Michigan only a few days, his presence here has been a lifesaver. I knew I missed this man, whom I've been married to now for 33-plus years. I just didn't realize how much I missed him.

Turns out: a lot. 

For those of you who are wondering -- The Mama grows steadily better. She's off pain meds for the third day...knowing you can drive again when you're off narcotics is a strong motivation! She still gets tired, and can't walk far. But she can generally take care of herself, except for lifting more than ten pounds. (Anything more than a gallon of milk, the surgeon said.) She got a clean bill of health this week, which bucked her up wonderfully.

I only have about three weeks left -- and 2 1/2 wks of that time includes going to a PAAQT appraisers conference in Williamsburg, VA, then on to Maine Quilts in Augusta, ME. Then I head back to Michigan to pick The Mama up -- and home.

In honor of the trek:

Hang in there, chickens and Charley -- I'm coming!

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