Saturday, August 2, 2014

Monday Stuff On the Way to Other Stuff: Back in the Harness Again

A beautiful day, laundry on the line...and suddenly I am feeling a strong urge to be out on the road again...but with the Brick in tow this time. He said that it was probably a response to going back to the 'responsible' parts of life: the business, taking care of the Mama, doing dishes, cleaning up, etc. 
    I think he's right. Meanwhile:

How to sell things online fast -- through Facebook! (From My Money Design)

A day at the dog park. 

A particularly good Readers Mailbag at The Simple Dollar. I try to read this regular feature (Mondays and Thursdays) should, too. This version offers a free way to earn some extra income, free music and other stuff.

'Sharknado's' touched off its own feeding frenzy. I got to watch Sharknado 2 this past week...maybe sillier than the first one (can you really swing a chainsaw around like a toothpick?!), but had its funny moments. And who can argue with watching a whole bunch of New Yawkers fight back? If you can handle the occasional gore with more than a little willing suspension of disbelief, you'll enjoy it.

Eleven celebrities who aren't leaving much to their kids. For good reason, too. Sting's take on this subject (and his growing-up days) is particularly interesting.

James Brady just died. Remember him? He was Reagan's Press Secretary...and took a bullet for his president. Click on the link for an interview just a few years ago. 

Strawberry ice cream without the ice cream freezer. Yum. (From Soupbelly)

Ten ways to save on back to school costs. From yours truly, via Midlife Finance.

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