Monday, August 18, 2014

Monday Stuff On the Way to Other Stuff: Goodbye, Mama

I got back late Saturday night from Cheyenne, WY and the Cheyenne Heritage Quilters show...just in time to celebrate The Mama's 77th birthday.

She's been visiting now for more than two weeks...and is champing at the bit to fly home. Which she does tomorrow. Fortunately, she has been getting a little stronger each day, and should be ok on her own now. A number of cousins live near Mom -- they've already been checking on her, or spending time with her. I feel certain that they'll continue to do this. (Thank you Dave and Carolyn, Joy, Joanie, and Phil and Dawn. Means a lot to me, guys.)
    This week is full of appraisals, appraisals, appraisals...and continuing to clean up Things That Were Put Off. The days stay hot, but we're definitely getting a warning in the evenings that fall is on its way. Good -- I love fall.

A new FREE cookbook for eating well within a food stamp budget. (From NPR)

50 clever new uses for old things in your kitchen. (From Apartment Therapy)

Ten ways to earn online income -- without doing anything illegal. (From Student Finance)

Making money selling bottled water? I hadn't thought of this...but it makes good sense. (From Make Money Your Way)  

Free admission to more than 1500 different museums in September? Yep, provided you print out a free ticket. You also get a digital subscription to the Smithsonian. Shoot, I'd sign up just for the subscription.  (Thanks, Donna Freedman.)

Pizza -- the perfect food. (From yours truly, via Midlife Finance.) Also:

What do you really need to live on?

I'll be checking in more often, now that I'll be staying home for a while. One thing all this traveling has done is bring the Brick and me closer together. We've realized we just like being with each other. 
     And that's a thing worth having.

Have a good week.  

Fall's coming...just not yet

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