Monday, August 25, 2014

Monday Stuff On the Way to Other Stuff: The Rockies -- And the Mint (Nope, not the Denver version)

Warm days, cool nights...fall is definitely on its way. We went to a Rockies game yesterday, and were comfortable as all get-out. Maybe that's why they actually won! (Half the stadium practically fainted -- so unexpected.) 
     We still have a bumper crop of flies. They hang out by the deck, and make a dash for the inside whenever we open the screen door. Strangely enough, they seem to be attracted by the budding flowers on the mint plants near the deck. And since we have a mint population the size of Detroit...I think it may be conspiring with the flies for world domination.
     If only the chickens would eat more flies - but they don't like hanging out in the mint. Meanwhile:

35 FREE classes from Craftsy. All you have to do is click!

The high cost of being poor -- and how to overcome it.  (Via Len Penzo)

Don Pardo died -- you may remember his voice from Jeopardy, The Price Is Right...or Saturday Night Live, where he announced 38 of 39 sessions. Amazing.  He was 96.

Six famous people who predicted their own deaths -- and not always meaning to, either. (Five musicians did it, as well -- in song.)

Twenty dirt-cheap meals. (From The Simple Dollar)

Free stuff to do in the summertime. (From Jeff Yaeger, via AARP)

Eight little-known facts about Robin Williams. Rest his soul.

Money advice -- from six guys who earned the right to speak. (From Men's Health)

A nice insider's look at Crazy quilts at a museum. Not that I'd be interested. No. Un-unh. (Grin. Thanks, Bonnie Hunter)

Have a wonderful week.  

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