Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Is Scottish Independence Near?

I already mentioned why I think Scotland should vote to free itself from Great Britain. Well, that vote is coming up on September 18th. Not long.

And now the Queen has spoken. 

Queen Elizabeth has been supposedly careful to maintain her neutrality...after all, she loves Scotland, spends a lot of time there at her Balmoral estate, etc. etc. So did her ancestor, Queen Victoria. But that doesn't necessarily mean Victoria's decisions have always been in Scotland's best interests. (Nor have Elizabeth's, frankly.)

So what did she say? 

"Think very carefully about the future."

"But the popular British monarch didn't indicate a preference on how Scots should vote, carefully maintaining the neutrality that is her constitutional obligation.

Still, some may interpret her comments as a suggestion that Scots looking to embrace independence should be cautious about severing Scotland's long ties to the United Kingdom, which date back more than 300 years."

Uh-huh. Why would you expect to hear her say anything different? Why would the British monarchy want to give up a lucrative property...especially when it sets a precedent for other valuable chunks to start agitating for independence, as well?

This may be just the beginning for a very interesting state of affairs for England.  

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