Monday, September 15, 2014

Monday Stuff On the Way to Other Stuff: Fall

We're back to warmer days, after our first snowfall last Thursday morning. It was hardly a scraping down here in the flatlands, but the mountains got more. Evenings are cooler, though, and the plants are definitely slowing down. 
    Here in Colorado, we get two autumns: first, the mountains burst into golden flame in mid- to late-September. Then we get a warmer gold, orange and (if we're lucky) red-tinged landscape in early to mid-October. 
    I love this time of year.

Eleven myths about famous tv shows. (No, peanut butter wasn't used to make Mr. Ed talk. It was a piece of plastic under his tongue.)

35 photos (and stories) that give some hope in this big weird world. Like this one:

The Montana senator who (apparently) plagiarized his thesis -- and had it snap back on him years later.    Our Hero was forced to drop out of his political race -- poor baby.

Dare to be disappointed -- you may actually succeed better because of it! (From Making Sense of Cents)

Running a business out of a shoebox -- and making $10,000 from it. (From

Jason Mraz is planning on retiring at 40...even though he's currently making big bucks on his "Yes!" tour.  Admirable.

Six ways to make a platform bed with storage - easy. (From Apartment Therapy)

The "Simple Dollar's" plan for cheap, healthy foods..."if you take away one lesson, it’s that the best way to eat cheap and healthy while keeping your stomach full is to eat a variety of things, focusing on fruits, vegetables, beans, and rice, and using your grocery store’s weekly flyer as a guide." Even better, he's also given a terrific recipe index on his personal:

Best Cheap and Easy Dinner Recipes.

Chinese Coleslaw -- with ramen noodles! (From Brown Eyed Baker)

Living in your car, to pay off debt? One of Get Rich Slowly's readers is doing it.
     If you're thinking about it:

The top ten cars best suited to living in.  (Yes, I know this is weird. But thought-provoking...)

The checkbook -- an endangered species. (From yours truly via Midlife Finance)

Have a good week. Come back later for the second half of my "Save Money on Your Food" handout -- and even better, Daughter #2's Bigfoot (we think) experience. 



Zeke McManis said...

Thanks for sharing! I like "Dare to Be Disappointed." It's okay to fail if you fail in the right way. Good stuff.

Cindy Brick said...

Thank you, Zeke, for commenting. I'm a big fan of taking a chance, too...many of our best decisions were made when others told us not to do it -- and we did, anyways.

You and Mandy have that mindset too, don't you...

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