Monday, September 22, 2014

Monday Stuff On the Way to Other Stuff: Birth Days and Other Significances

Yes, today is my birthday. 
     Bratwurst for breakfast, a lovely hour or so just reading for the heck of it...and back to work, doing the usual wash, getting reports done...and so on. Tonight, the girlies are coming down, and we'll go out to supper to celebrate. 
     The Brick put in a second nesting box, arguing that the chickies needed the room. I pooh-poohed that. We've seen three chickens stacked on each other in one area, while two other sections were wide open and available. But within 24 hours, one egg was laid in each of the new nesting sections. He was right! 
     Now I'll go out and celebrate my natal day by -- shoveling out the coop. Ah well.

In honor of the latest BF story -- this very silly teaser reel about five hunters going out to get the ultimate trophy -- only the trophy gets THEM.  Blood, gore...and a very mean-looking Bigfoot star.

The Sundance Festival, on the other hand, screened LETTERS FROM THE BIG MAN, featuring a more shy BF. Go figure.

Ten interesting frugal-built houses, including this one:

A sailor reviews Robert Redford's movie All is Lost.(I have rarely watched a more frustrating movie. The "ever-resourceful" Our Man makes so many idiotic mistakes that even this rank landlubber noticed.  (See the movie here.) Interesting...yes. Heroic?  Ha.

Pizza joes. Ummm....these sound good. She's got a bunch more Sloppy Joe variations, too. (From Mix And Match Mama)

Easy Sandwich Rolls, from Frugal Upstate. She uses bread -- here they are, in tortilla form:

Traveling on pennies. (From Shanti Free Bird)

'Two-buck Chuck:' how it got its name, and why it's no longer two bucks. (From Five Cent Nickel)

Retiring in style -- or retiring frugally...where do most people put themselves? (From Donna Freedman)

Apple Crisp Refrigerator Oatmeal? Why not...make it tonight, have it in the morning. (From Betty Crocker)

A woman who thought her pregnancy had finished 36 years didn't.

This poor cat probably wishes it had NEVER gone into the building:

One of the funniest office note exchanges I've seen in a long time. It would be even more amusing if it didn't actually happen now and then!

And a ton of birthday freebies for you to use on your birthday!

Fall-ing into the season, from yours truly via Midlife Finance. Actually, it's an article about getting your house and vehicle prepped for the upcoming winter. (Yes, it's coming.)

 Fall colors are starting to show down here...and they're in full roar up in the mountains. 
Love this time of year.

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