Friday, September 26, 2014

Treasure Hunting

It's been a restless week. I have plenty of work to do -- don't want to do it. (Even degenerating to the point that dishes and laundry got done quicker!) The Brick has had a ton of deadlines -- didn't want to do them, either. It's probably wise that we're headed up into the mountains this weekend, to do some four-wheeling, see the fall colors and soak in the Princeton hot springs. We wouldn't be any good for anyone, otherwise.

Maybe we'll do some impromptu treasure hunting. Colorado's Western Slope is full of old mining town sites that still have a ruin or two. Maybe we'll find some gold or silver! These people did...

Do you believe this story of roll after roll of coins shoveled out? (I'm not sure I do...but intriguing, nonetheless.)

How about this suitcase of silver ingots, discovered in Cincinnati, OH:

Crusader gold found in Israel...a pouch of gold coins was hidden under a potsherd (broken pot), then discovered by archeologists clearing a site near a Crusader castle.

Or seven million dollars' worth of gold, found in a survivalist's home in Carson City, TX. (Ironically, though he didn't have close family, the policeman who discovered the cache was a distant relative.)

Even beads have been found.  And here's a story of gold being hauled out after 9/11, from a delivery tunnel underneath the World Trade Center. Weird.

Back to work...but I can't wait to blow this popsicle stand. Who knows what we'll discover!

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