Monday, October 13, 2014

Not Under, But Over -- WAY Over

Well, they sold.

Queen Victoria's hefty-sized bloomers and chemise were valued at 2000 pounds before their auction on Oct. 12.

They sold, instead, for nearly 7500 pounds -- that's nearly $12,000 for you Yanks out there! (And I'm guessing that doesn't include the auctioneer's percentage of the take, either.)

A pair of stockings, valued at 500 pounds pre-auction, went for 1300 pounds.


More here, if you're interested. This is more than the set sold for in 2012...about 360 pounds. Then again, that was just bloomers. Yes, I wrote about it back in 2012, but can I find the exact post? Nooooo....

Anyone else have the Queen's underwear laying around? You could be sitting on a bonanza.

                                                       Her Majesty is NOT amused.

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