Saturday, October 4, 2014

The Walking Dead...and Updates

Have you ever watched  The Walking Dead?

We've grown rather fond of this end-of-the-world-with-zombies series, especially its hero, the noble (and conflicted) sheriff, Rick Grimes (above)...and the 'bad' (now good) guy, Daryl Dixon (below).

Netflix finally got the fourth season loaded, and we've been gobbling up the episodes. (Yes, I know you cableheads have already seen it, and are waiting for the 5th season to start next week. Don't spoil it for us.)
     You get used to all the growling and drooling, after a while...but the tension, humor and working through problems never get stale. Although I really could do with fewer 'biters'...they're starting to rot and look nasty.

(Addendum: Much to my surprise, the Governor in The Walking Dead uses a replica of the Lewis chessmen for teaching his 'daughter' chess. An unusual touch -- but intriguing!)

More to tell you about: 

The Bigfoot saga didn't continue...darn. Keith spent last week in the area where he and Angel heard all the growling and screaming -- not a peep. He did have a bear licking his tent early one morning, though. (I'm waiting to hear more details about that interesting mention.)

The chickies are kicking in -- big-time. This week, they've been laying at least a dozen eggs a day. Wow! I don't know if it's the cooler weather, the fact that the 'babies' are now full-grown, or what. But the extra eggs are wonderful. 

I've been fighting off some flu this week...and now the Brick seems to have caught it. Not fun. We can mostly keep going, but have had to stop and rest now and then to do it.

It will be a quiet week...still catching up on paperwork (almost done), then it's work on getting things put away down in Brickworks inventory. We want to have a sale soon, but can't do it until I know for sure what we've got. We plan to offer something new this season: Christmas stockings, all filled with goodies, and gift baskets for the quilter, crafter and gardener.

Still one more weekend day...and it's sunny and cool here. Not the rain some of you are enduring. It's okay...we'll take it.

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