Friday, October 24, 2014

What's Happening With Libby

...our mutual friend Libby Lehman, that is. 

If you'll remember, Libby is still recovering from the effects of the stroke and aneurysm she had in 2013. What's especially wonderful: she has now improved to the point that she can use a walker! Wow...considering there were few hopes at times that she would make strong progress. She continues to have regular therapy, is speaking much more -- and in general, her improvements seem much better.

She still has a long way to go, though. 

You can help.

Libby's birthday is Nov. 12. Why not send her a birthday card?

Her current address is:
 Libby Lehman
 c/o University Place Nursing Center
 7480 Beechnut
 Houston, Texas 77074

 Encouraging notes, holiday cards or goodies would be welcome, as well. 

You can also visit the Inspired by Libby quilt auction, organized by Clara Lawrence. All of these quilts will be on display at Houston's International Quilt Festival this have a few weeks to bid. (Yes, you can do it online.)

100% of the proceeds go to Libby's Medical Fund. (As you can guess, finances have been tight for the Lehmans, and they could use the extra help.)

Go here for more on Inspired By Libby --

The quilts up for auction are here. And they're beautiful. In fact, here's one of them: Libby's Wildflower by Melinda Bula.

 Go here to take a look at Libby's wonderful quilts, and learn more about her.

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