Sunday, November 23, 2014

Monday Stuff On the Way to Other Stuff: Making Progress!

I am happy to announce...
     bated breath and drumroll....
that I am almost caught up! 

Okay, maybe an awful lot of boxes, bags and stacks of quilts have to be hauled downstairs and put back into inventory. And maybe it's a big mess down there, too. But thanks to only a threesome quickie and a single (sounds sexy, doesn't it?), the appraisal work should be completely done by noon tomorrow. 
     My staffers won't be in until later in the week; they're not staying long anyways, due to the Thanksgiving holiday. At least I can put some hours into Cleaning Up. (I'm surprised at how pleasurable that sounds.) Meanwhile:

Brining your turkey is supposed to make it moist and tender. I'm going to try it this year, thanks to Panera's recipe, for it and chestnut-mushroom stuffing.  I'll let you know if it works.

Ten things you can do about your debt right now -- even if you can't afford to pay much on it. (From one of my heroes, The Simple Dollar)

30,000 e-mails said to be "lost" suddenly are found. E-mails about the IRS investigating conservative groups, by a former IRS official. Who had 'no idea' when asked about this by Congress. How con-VEEN-yent.

A gawky blue desk becomes a standout.  From this:

To this! (Thanks from The Painted Drawer)


Starting a successful blog -- and keeping it going. An interview with Crystal Paine, the author of that ever-so-versatile Moneysaving Mom. (From ProBlogger)

A very cool idea -- making a wedding bouquet of vintage brooches! (Thanks, Melissa's Antiques, for the idea. She's looking for some, by the way, if you've got 'em.)

A beautiful malachite-look tray...for less than $10 (How-tos from Rain on A Tin Roof)

A very strange interview from Will Smith's kids. Sounds like they need to start jobs, and Get A Life. A couple of shifts at Little Caesar's, and Willow will know exactly what time is!

Salted tea? If you enjoy this, Bigelow's new product should make you very happy. (I have to be careful of this sort of thing: I'm allergic to sea salt. Too much of it -- and it's trendy right now, sadly -- and my throat starts swelling shut.)

Buying a car...or not? From yours truly, via Midlife Finance -- you may also enjoy 20 Ways to Help Your Parents (or Other Older People).

Have a great week. Happy Thanksgiving!

Humph...easy for you to say!

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