Thursday, December 4, 2014

Family x 3

Although I've mentioned the Great White Huntress and Nephew's Big Score, I didn't have a photo of the guy who started it all this hunting season --

here he is.

Keith, the Huntress' boyfriend, got a doe with a beautiful shot -- from bow and arrow. (Yes, I know...some people will say, 'gross.' But animals die, so we can eat. He -- and we -- take that responsibility seriously. We don't waste it.)

Now that's talent! 

Here he is, as well, with 'his' doe, plus a few others gotten by friends on the same trip. (Not with bow & arrow, though...) We've already had some of the venison, converted to a curry sausage (which I liked a lot) and also to Italian sausage (which the Brick preferred).  Delicious.

Great job, Keith! 

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