Saturday, December 27, 2014

Merry After-Christmas

Now here's one of the more interesting holiday traditions I've seen along the years...

A pallet Christmas tree!

(You can make it next year, thanks to Redhead Can Decorate's tutorial on the subject.)

Our (live) Christmas tree was a Hollander's delight this year. Because we'd come home so late, we figured that trees were basically gone. Christmas Eve, I stopped by the local King Soopers, and noticed a sign: all the leftover trees were free. Woo hoo!

The girlies and Keith helped us decorate it. Which was a huge relief, because I've been fighting some kind of cold/flu I apparently picked up on the way home. I even gave the Brick some of it, too. We both trudged through our annual seven fish dish celebration on Christmas Eve, present-wrapping and Christmas dinner. Then a snowstorm hit Colorado...the kids packed up quickly, and headed for home. (Keith has snowplowing contracts in the Boulder area -- income, yes, but responsibilities, too.)

And we collapsed. 

We spent our 33rd anniversary yesterday snuggling on the couch by a crackling fire, watching 'Blue Bloods' episodes, movies, and eating leftover Christmas cookies. I slept a good part of the day, as well.
     Ordered a pizza for supper, and had a few slices with a glass of wine.
Slept in this morning. Other than some clothes washed and folded, and the dishwasher emptied and reloaded periodically, I've been resting today, as well

Feeling better because of it, too.

Now it's on to other Sunday church. (Where we have to sing and play. Again.) Library books. Errands.  A Broncos game.
    And work.

Life goes on, doesn't it...

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