Thursday, January 29, 2015

Lebkuchen on Sale....Mmmmm

I don't want to tell you about this.

Lebkuchen, the absolute best cookies in the world, are a German treat most commonly seen at Christmastime. You could describe them (sort of) as gingerbread -- or a ginger-y cookie, at least. But really, they're a honey-light ginger cookie on gebakken (an edible disc that keeps them from sticking to the baking sheet), covered with a light sugar or dark chocolate glaze.

The Brick is a passionate imbiber of lebkuchen, and has been known to go into a swoon over a chocolate-covered cookie, especially when accompanied by hot, strong coffee.
      Ok, me, too.

Normally, these are expensive -- at least $5-10 a package, plus shipping. Right now on Amazon, though, you can get nearly four pounds of lebkuchen for $26.00. Yes, eight different kinds for twenty-six bucks!

Go here for more. (Click on the 'Schmidt' part of the item, and you've got plenty to choose from. The 'Pure' set, however, seems to give you the most lebkuchen bang for your buck.)

Save some for me.


LouAnne said...

My daughter and I are also Lebkuchen fans. We love them so much we once tried to create them from scratch in our home kitchen. Massive Fail! We once found them on sale (boxes of 3 tubes) at World Market's website after Christmas, but never again. I froze 3 boxes and made 'em last!

Cindy Brick said...

I have a recipe that works, but it takes FOREVER... you make the dough, and it sets for a month or so. Then you cut out the cookies and bake them, and THEY set a month or so. Then you ice them, and wait longer!

Hey, LouAnne, just buy these, instead...thanks for writing.

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