Monday, January 5, 2015

Monday Stuff on the Way to Other Stuff: Tidying Up

If you're  living on the east coast, you're now getting our low temps and snow dumping sessions. For most of us in Colorado, we're now in 40-degree weather. Get out the bikini and the lounge chair!
     The flu is finally slinking out the door. (Good riddance, I say.) The Christmas tree is out on the patio, looking forlorn. And I've actually tidied up several piles. Surprise: while doing that, I found several items I've been looking for!
     To top off the good news, the Brick managed to get 'my' laptop working again, which is wonderful. You don't realize how much you get used to working with the same equipment. He said, "why are your 'j,' 'k' and 'a' keys nearly worn off?" Guess I must type words with those letters more than the others.

One chicken -- six meals. (From Heavenly Homemaker)

Kettlecorn -- made easy!   (From Penniless Parenting)

Best projects from 2014. (From Funky Junk, one of my favorite how-to bloggers...and a bunch of other people)

Make nailholes disappear on white (From The Frugal Girls) Speaking of walls --

A WWI soldier's room left untouched for nearly a century. Talk about freeze-frames.

The high-school senior who made millions from stock trades -- but it was a lie. 

A man pays off his parents' mortgage for a Christmas present -- and videotapes them when they find out. Touching and funny, all at the same time. 

13 (gross) things advertisers do to make food photos more appealing. (From

The 60 funniest moments of 2014...courtesy of the Huffington Post.

An amazing gospel flash mob...on a subway!

Make a name necklace...all you need is wire and a pliers. (From Frugal Upstate)

18 easy cooking lessons for all sorts of dishes.

Preserved lemons -- for all sorts of Middle Eastern dishes. (From Larder Love) A visually festive way to enjoy your lemons, without having them harden up or go bad.

Her clementine sorbet looks deliciousFar easier to make than it sounds.

Two million dollars' worth of paintings -- discovered in a basement!

And finally... zero sum budgeting -- or the art of making every dollar work. (From The Simple Dollar)

Have a great week.

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